The Hilarious Moments: Funny Bridal Party Pictures


The preparation for a wedding is so hard; it is too much to do, too much to organize, too much to think and too much to bear. Therefore, when the day comes, all you want to do is enjoy and relax. We all know that classic and traditional portraits are important, but after all that work and hours getting ready, meeting the guests and smiling so hard for pictures, we think you deserve some fun. Check these funny bridal party pictures below and get some ideas.

The Hilarious Moments: Funny Bridal Party Pictures

​When you look back at your special day what do you want to remember? You want to remember how beautiful was the decoration, how gorgeous was your dress, and of course how fun and important was your wedding party, right? So what do you think about in addition to the classic portraits do some really funny bridal party pictures? You will love the outcome. So let’s take a look on some very cool pictures so you can be inspired!

Funny Faces

You know that pictures we took on high school with all of our best friends doing funny faces? They are the best, right? So why not do those pictures on your wedding day? Gather your bridesmaids and groomsmen and rock the funny faces to the camera.

In Reverse

Change a bit, instead of pictures of the bride with the bridesmaid and the groom with the groomsmen, do the reverse. Look how funny are this picture of the bridesmaid doing funny faces to the groom and the bride winning a “drink contest” with the groomsmen. Love it!

This Is So Us!

Pictures with the couple together doing those traditional poses are really important but don’t forget to take some pictures showing something that is so you. Do funny and different poses or even do a Star Wars geek picture.

Congrats Dude!

Celebrating with your best buddies is something that every couple do on their wedding party, so why not take a funny picture to capture that moment?

I Have a Wedding Ring

The bride had her moment of showing off her engagement ring, so why can’t the groom show off his wedding ring? This moment makes a hilarious picture, which ranks high on our list of funny bridal party pictures.

That Is Unusual

Bridesmaids making a mess and your dog being the most important groomsmen is something that needs to be captured and remembered for the rest of your life. And how about instead of the traditional picture of the bridesmaid helping the bride get ready do the opposite?
Another funny idea is doing a picture of the couple in chock with their looks and then change the bottoms on the photoshop.

Drink Up!

How said woman can’t drink beer? Oh they can, and they do it well.


Selfies are a big trend and everybody wants to take them in every event, but your wedding day is special, so why not do some really different selfies?

Groomsmen Being Bridesmaid

For some reason men think that it is hilarious to imitate women, and those pictures of the groomsmen imitating the bridesmaid is so funny and thus made to our list of funny bridal party pictures.

Parents and Baby Couples

Parents can be on funny pictures too. The idea of a picture with the bride kissing the groom and the parents doing funny faces is amazing!And little cute props would make things so much fun.

She Is Mine! No, She Is Mine!

It’s funny and a little bit true that your friends want you to themselves. So this is a great idea to take a really funny picture of the wedding party!

Mr Right and Mrs Always Right+Surprise Under the Skirt

It is pretty funny that saying “Mr Right and Mrs Always Right”, and everyone loves it, so put that saying somewhere and take a picture of the love birds with it. The little flower girls under the bride skirt is a funny surprise, perfect for a cute picture.

What Is Going On?

Your friends celebrating your kiss, or hiding behind something to peek at you two, or simply doing something funny is a great moment to capture. And little kids doing “I don’t want to see that” face with the couple kissing as a backdrop is amazing!

The Dog Drinks!

A good groomsman is the one who drinks with the groom, even if he is a dog.

Bye Bye Friends

Every group of guys have that ridiculous idea that if one of them is not going out for a drinking night, it is because the wife said no. It is pretty annoying for the woman that joke so, time of revenge!

The Before and After

Funny bridal party pictures of getting ready and after ceremony could be so much fun!