Fantasy Come to Life: Game of Thrones Wedding Theme


Nowadays, seldom will you encounter people who aren’t fanatics of the bloody series, Game of Thrones. The thrill, the excitement and the anticipation of all die-hard fans that are waiting for the release of each episode are all worth it, especially since the twist of events can turn your world upside down. Are you and your fiancé warming up to the idea of pulling of a fantasy wedding with a Game of Thrones wedding theme? Let’s take a look at some inspring ideas.

Fantasy Comes to Life: Game of Thrones Wedding Theme

From the venue to the table décor, no one should stop you from emanating that supernatural vibe. Make your theme more cohesive by adding style on the table numbers.

For Game of Thrones enthusiasts out there, long, lighted candles on vintage holders can really spell GOT(Game of Thrones) in the air. So don’t hesitate to add this little detail on your wedding day!

We know we don’t want any blood to be spilled on your wedding day, but if you really want to go as far as showing off a bit of fake blood, don’t worry because a themed cake can be your saving grace.

What did we tell you about adding a bit of wood and texture on your wedding venue? Well, let’s not stop on the reception as your wedding aisle can use a bit of woody elements too! Just remember to add some flower arrangements on the ceilings to make it look  the Game of Thrones way.

Not the ordinary bride who loves looking like a damsel in distress? Add texture on your wedding day by choosing a venue that features tall, hollowed trees. With a few lighted torches and fire baskets on the side, you are surely going to be able to embody that Game of Thrones wedding theme.

Oh, can we just say that this plating just looks superb? You may not be into ribbons and laces, but hey, with the right eye for art, you can absolutely use a black little ribbon to your advantage. Not to mention, we love the cutleries too!

Thought your bouquet needs to be conventional? Let’s not forget that you are arranging a fantasy wedding theme, so you don’t really need to keep it traditional. Sky's the limit, so don’t shy away from using your imagination!

Long tables, lighted candles and an outdoor venue that can make you feel like you are dining in the woods — what more can you possibly ask for?

All dressed up in white, brides are definitely a vision of perfection. But you don’t really have to go traditional from head to foot. Just look at that bridal crown! Doesn’t she look like a part of the GOT family? Oh, she’s making us green with envy!

Not really a fan of long candles? Don’t worry, you’ll never run out of options! Just take a look at this table set-up and you’d surely be able to get a pointer or two on decorating your wedding table.

Not really sure whether adding a bit of color is the right thing to do especially now that you are setting up a Game of Thrones wedding theme? This design inspiration can surely make you think twice.

In a wedding, every little detail counts, and that’s what we can learn from this inspiration. The cupcake design is just spelling GOT all over the table, making it a must for your very own fantasy wedding.

Not really the type of bride who loves designer gowns that emanate a blushing bride? Then this Game of Thrones inspired gown may be what you are looking for! Just look at those small details and you’ll surely look like a part of the GOT cast.

You don’t really have to settle to an outdoor venue if you don’t feel comfortable being around tall, fantasy-like trees. If you are going indoors, this inspiration can surely help you out.

Ditch the all-white bouquet and add colors and textures to emphasize that GOT vibe. After all, there’s really nothing wrong with being an extraordinary bride. It’s the Game of Thrones wedding theme after all.

Think you can’t do anything with plain, wooden chairs? You got it all wrong! With the help of a few flowers, your ordinary chairs can look enchanting! Just add more texture and you will be on your way to ace that fantasy wedding.

Let your bridesmaids feel like they are marching down a castle with these bouquets. Add drama on the entourage and you’ll surely be able to arrange a wedding that’s cohesive and magical.

Now that your fantasy wedding has already come to life, don’t forget to take a moment for that much-awaited photoshoot. Indeed, there’s nothing like a souvenir as fancy as this!

Indoor weddings can also provide you limitless opportunities since you can play with the different elements within the venue. With the right chandeliers and lighting solutions, you’d be able to create your own GOT-inspired adventures.

Can’t find metallic plates? Don’t be afraid of turning to golden cutleries as an alternative! Breathing new life to your Game of Thrones wedding theme is never difficult, with the right ideas and inspiration, you’ll be able to pull off the fantasy wedding of your dreams.