20 Unique Ideas for Gifts from the Bridesmaids to the Bride


Being a bridesmaid can be a catastrophic experience. As a bridesmaid, you are supposed to do a lot, from planning a bachelorette party and bridal shower to standing by bride’s side throughout the event. That’s not all! Gifts from the bridesmaids to the bride are also on your to-do list. Buying gift as a group and splitting the cost among all bridesmaids or buying an individual gift, both situations are applicable and depend on your will.

20 Unique Ideas for Gifts from the Bridesmaids to the Bride

There might be the option of bridal registry to look for the gifts. If you want something other than that, you are at the exact place. Here we have rounded up 20 unique gift that you can give as a bridesmaid to the bride.

Candles Set

A distinguished candle set for her new, cozy bedroom is a great option. Candles could be scented or non-scented. Or it could be a bride and groom candles set or votive candles or just votive candle holders. The choices are unlimited.

Wedding Scrapbook

What could be better than a wedding scrapbook? It would be a treasure for life. As a friend you know all her cherished moments. Fill in a few pages with the pics snapped together and leave the rest for her to fill.

Travel Case

As a bridesmaid you are supposed to give a gift but it’s not necessary to give an expensive one. A travel case could be tried. A handy and functional case that would guarantee that all her and hubby’s documents like passport and credit cards are at hand.


Headphones or earphones are the trendiest items this year. While traveling, jogging or in the gym, you need one everywhere. It could be one of the lovely gifts from the bridesmaids to the bride.

Back Me Up Mobile Charger

Normally, a bride has to travel after wedding. In such busy schedule, the bride often forgets to charge her mobile. With a back me up mobile charger, a bride can charge her mobile on the go. She would love to make it a part of her travel gear.

Honeymoon Basket

Gift her something handy to make her honeymoon special. Buy her a nice honeymoon basket with various useful items like, beach flip flops, SPF lotion, underwater disposable camera, beach blanket and so on.

iPad Case

If she owns an iPad, give her a sleek and stylish iPad case to keep her gadget safe and secured. As it’s your friend’s nuptial, buying a dazzling and glamourous one would be preferred.

Turkish Bath Towel or Pestemals

These hand woven pieces are best known for their quick-absorbent qualities and softness. It's yet another reasonably priced, pragmatic item. Best to use on beach or resorts, the bride would surely adore it as an accessory for honeymoon.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Film Camera

Let your dear friend capture the happiest moments of her newly married life with an Instax camera. It captures and creates the images in an instant. For a honeymoon travel, the bride is simply going to love it.

China Set

According to an old tradition, a tea cup is the best gift for a friend as she gets engaged. Then why not an awe-inspiring china set on her wedding? It would not only reflect your love but would also prove quite practical for the newly-wed bride.

Stand Mixer

Yet another one of the advantageous gifts from the bridesmaids to the bride. Every bride would like to have one. As it plays the role of a cornerstone of the kitchen. She might have this item on her registry. Even if it’s not, you can boldly opt for it.

Portable Speakers

No happy moments are truly joyous without music. The life just after the marriage is more about fun, travel and adventures. Portable speakers are yet another favorable choice for a new bride. Let her groove on the beats of some romantic favorite songs of her.

Massage Gift Certificate

Hanging out with your best friend, once she is back from her honeymoon, would be a great thing. You can get a massage gift certificate for both of you. Massage, manicure and pedicure and some quality time together. Not a bad idea!

Wrist Watch

Gifting an elegant wrist watch to bride would definitely get you closer to her. Each time she would wear it, she’d think about you. So a wrist watch is a big YES!

Picture Frame

Be a part of her new home with a breathtaking picture frame. There are so many options to try. These days many DIY frames are available at art and craft stores. Even you yourself can make her a special photo frame, if you have got the talent.

Wedding Wine Glass

Give her a pair of wine glass. There are so many great ways to personalize them. Glitter stemmed glasses with tulle ribbon tied around or with writings as Bride or Groom would look great. This kind of gifts from the bridesmaids to the bride is also available online.

Bedding Gifts

Gift her customized pillow cases, blankets, duvet covers especially for wedding. There are some personalized with writings like Mr. & Mrs. over it. Explore the web to find the best as there is great variety available on the web.

Tent for Two

A great idea for sure. Especially if you know their honeymoon plans. If hiking, camping and fishing is on their hit-list, this would be a great option to go with. For long adventurous trip, tent for two is the most appropriate suggestion.

Coffee Maker

No day of ours goes without coffee. As it’s an essential part of our lives, any bride would be glad if gifted with a coffee maker. Get a nice one for her. Each time she drinks a cup, it would make her think of you.

Crystal Vase

A sparking and dazzling crystal vase is one of the trendiest gifts from the bridesmaids to the bride. Look for the best choices like engraved or personalized ones. Even it can be customized with a special message from you.