Go Glimmering, Go Golden: Fabulous Gold Bridesmaid Dresses


Out with the old, in with all that sparkles in gold—with all the gold bridesmaid dresses, you can surely wrap all your best girls with flavor and glam. Popular for its festivity, gold can breathe new life to all your wedding day fantasies as it will never fail to make your entourage look exquisite. So, are you ready to find the perfect gowns and dresses? Scroll down and see our best picks!

Go Glimmering, Go Golden: Fabulous Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Walk with Flare

Dainty and sophisticated, this metallic dress can make your bridesmaids the apple of every Adam’s eyes—your hubby-to-be excluded. With a top that fits your girls’ curves, your big day will be all ready and set.

Wrapped up in Gold

You don’t need to show too much skin to look sexy, and that’s what this halter neck dress proves. With just the right touch of metallic gold mixed with a full-length fabric, your bridesmaids are going to set fire on the aisle.

Let’s Keep It Long

Feminine and elegant, this long dress would look perfect on every bridesmaid. Its subtle and sophisticated design makes it a part of our wish list. Thinking this dress will suit your BFF? We do too!

Simply Comfy

Looking for something your bridesmaids can work with as they dance the night away? This long mesh dress can definitely be all the inspiration you need as it epitomizes elegance without sacrificing comfort.

All that Glitters and Shines

Looking for something that can make your bridesmaids sparkle a little bit more? Maybe you need to add a bit of beads and sequence on your bucket list. This beaded V-neck gown can spell FAB on your wedding day as it is glittery in all the right ways. It is one of the most stunning gold bridesmaid dresses on our list.

Going Gold and Boho

Best for outdoor weddings that are laid-back in nature, this beaded gown can work its way to make your bridesmaids look golden while retaining that boho, laid-back feel. Now, who ever said golden gowns should be reserved for indoor, formal occasions?

Let’s Walk with Grace

Embroidered to highlight a woman’s curves, this graceful dress can unleash the ballerina out of your bridesmaids. Indeed, you don’t always have to turn to full-length gowns just for your wedding to look exceptional. Sometimes, you just have to look for short dresses that can work like magic.

Walk with Glitters on

While the dress might not be covered with glitter, its modern metallic feature will make any bridesmaid look stunning on your wedding day. Yes, we don’t really have to leave the glitters for the children to play on, especially if we can use it as an inspiration for finding that simple, but classy dress.

March like a Goddess

Who says high necklines are a thing of the past? Well, if you have a long dress as elegant as this, you won’t have to think twice on turning to gold bridesmaid dresses. Perfect for formal weddings, this dress will never fail to turn heads. And yes, there’s a surprise slit at the side too, making it more edgy and sophisticated.

The Bridal Sweetheart

Been dreaming of walking down the aisle with your BFF’s? Then, it’s time that you turn them to the sweethearts that they truly are. Designed to make your girls look sweet and sexy, this full-length gown showcases their sexy back through its deep-cut back design.

Back to Sweet 16

Turn back the hands of time and let your bridesmaids look like the darling of the crowd by wrapping them with this elegantly embellished gown. Not only will it make you reminisce your younger years, but it will also make your girls all ready and set to dance all night long.

A Gown for Venus

Okay, can I just stress out how glamorous this dress is? Body-hugging and comfortable at the same time, this dress can make your bridesmaids look drop-dead gorgeous. Plus, we can all agree that the touch of gold is perfect!

All the Right Hues

And yes, we can say the same about this mesmerizing long gown too. The only difference is, well, it’s not as body-hugging as the former. So if your bridesmaids are opting for a less fitted gown, go for this dress!

For the Love of Gold

Metallic gold on top with a mix of subtlety on the skirt—what more can a bridesmaid ask for? Surely, this long dress is one of the best gold bridesmaid dresses on our list.

A Bit of Glitz and Glam

A lot of people might be afraid to go all shimmering splendid on their wedding day, but hey, with the right tone and the right mix of subtlety, you can go all glittery all you want. Take this dress as an example. It can add spark on indoor formal weddings.

Simplicity Is Beauty

There’s no substitute to simplicity, and that’s what we can learn from this dress. Perfect for bridesmaids who love moving with ease, its cut and full-length style will make them feel more carefree.

Go Sexy on Metallic

Provide emphasis on your bridesmaids’ amazing womanly curves with this sexy metallic dress. A vision of perfection, your girls will surely love to walk down the aisle in this dress.

Go Regally Beautiful

If, on the other hand, your BFFs are more on the conservative side, this full-length dress will work perfectly for them.

Finding the best gold bridesmaid dresses can be a tough challenge, but with the right inspiration, you will surely be able to clothe your BFFs in style.