Hair and Makeup for Wedding Cost


The process of planning your wedding can be an exhausting journey. While you have finalized the caterer, flowers, gown and every detail possible, you finally have come to the point where you need to choose your hair and makeup artist. This is one area you want to ensure you have included into your budget. You as the bride will be the main focus of the day, the photos you take will last a lifetime, so you want your hair and makeup to be flawless. Then how do you budget hair and makeup for wedding cost? 

Wedding Hair and Makeup Cost

Average Cost of Makeup

Bride and many attendants need to do makeups. 

  • For the bride, the average cost for makeup can add up to $150, including airbrushing and additional lashes. 

  • Bridesmaids cost of just makeup can run around $100 per bridesmaid, this includes airbrushing.

  • Mothers of the bride or groom can expect to pay around $70 each for their makeup.

  • For junior bridesmaids between 9 to 13 years old cost around $50 for makeup to be applied.

  • Flower girl between 3 and 8 years old will cost around $30 for just makeup.

  • Any additional friends or family members who also want to get their makeup done will cost close to $100 per person.

For hair and makeup for wedding cost, if the artist is traveling to you, this will add additional fees (for both makeup and hair). Some make-up artists will also ask that you bring or use your own makeup which can be an additional $50 into your budget. You also want to make sure you have a 20% tip to thank your artist for their services.

Average Cost of Hair

Like makeups, there are some people in the wedding that need do their hair style.

  • Bridal hair can cost $125 for blowout and style.

  • It will cost on average $80 for bridesmaids with shorter hair and $100 per bridesmaids if they have longer hair.

  • Mother of the bride or groom can typical cost $70 for shorter hair and up to $100 for longer hair.

  • Junior bridesmaids between ages 9 and 13 will cost around $70.

  • Flower girl’s hair can cost around $50 but some salons with do simple styles complimentary.

  • Additional friends and family members can cost on average $100 for blow-dry and curls.

Most salons will give you hair and makeup wedding packages, which can be more budget friendly. Many artists will also recommend a trial hair and makeup session which on average will cost $100. 

Let's Do It By Ourselves!

Hair and makeup for wedding cost can be more than anticipated, then why not try to do it yourself? One of your bridesmaids can also be of assistance if they are pretty good at styling hair and applying makeup. Here are some helpful tips for those brides who want to take on their hair and makeup themselves.

For Makeup

For wedding day touch ups, you will basically need four basics products: lip gloss or stick, lip liner, a waterproof mascara and a translucent powder to eliminate shine, which can be kept in a small makeup bag.

  1. Prior to your wedding day, you want to start prepping your skin to ensure it is in the best condition. You can get advice from a professional who can better direct you for that.

  2. You want to begin your makeup application with the right primer to even out your skin tone and the texture. This will also help the foundation last longer throughout the wedding day. The foundation you use should be long lasting so you are not left with dull or shiny looking skin halfway through the day. 

  3. For cheeks, choose a peach colored brush for a more natural look. When you apply the blush, blend it upwards along the cheekbones.

  4. Choose a gel eyeliner that creates a more definition and is easier to apply. For brides with fair skin tones, try a brown gel eyeliner. For those with darker skin tones, choose a black gel eyeliner.

  5. Apply a lip liner in a natural shade over your entire lips prior to putting on your lipstick or lip gloss. This will not only make the color last longer, it also creates a natural and beautiful definition of your lips.

  6. Use a matte concealer under your eyes instead of a light reflective concealer. The matte concealer will hide any bags under your eyes.

  7. You might want to splurge a little on the mascara for your makeup. Find a long lasting, waterproof mascara that will last all day without smearing or smudging, which can result in the unattractive panda eyes.

  8. To make your eye shadow color last longer, use a good base to smooth out your lids before applying the shadow.

For Hairstyle

Tackling your own hair for your wedding day can be a little more of a challenge for most brides. Styles below offer two simple yet elegant and classic results that any bride can pull off. 

Ultimate waterfall braid

Whether you have straight or curly hair, this beautiful cascading braid is a popular and easy do it yourself wedding hair style.

  1. You will start with a French braid over your right ear.

  2. To create the waterfall effect, you will pull the left strand into the middle.

  3. You will also take hair from the top of the head and pull it to the middle.

  4. You will then drop down the strand on the right.

  5. Gather a section behind the strand you just dropped and place this section into the middle strand.

  6. Continue these steps as you move towards the left side of the head.

  7. Once you reach the left side you will once again drop the right strand as you have been doing and then wrap the left strand over the middle section.

  8. Secure the strand with a bobby pin, which can be hidden under your other hair.

Pretty retro bouffant

This is a chic up-do perfect for those with long hair who want to a loose and romantic hairstyle. Want to cut down the hair and makeup for wedding costs? Try it.

  1. Separate and clip of the top half of your hair.

  2. The bottom half of your hair will be pull into a low ponytail that rests at the nape of your neck.

  3. Create a small hole at the base of the pony and push the ponytail down through the hole to create and inside out ponytail effect. Repeat this one more time.

  4. Use a comb to tease out the ponytail.

  5. Use your fingers roll the ends of the ponytail to create a chignon and secure it with bobby pins.

  6. Now you will let down the top of your hair and create a defined side part.

  7. You can add volume into your hair by backcombing the top half.

  8. Loosely pull the top half of the hair back and twist it one time. Push it towards the scalp and up a little for added volume, secure the twist with bobby pins just on top of the chignon.

  9. You will continue to twist and wrap the ends around the chignon, securing the strands with bobby pins.

  10. Loosen some small strands of hair to soften the front and frame your face.