Best Hairstyles to Go with a High Collar Dress


Your wedding day hairdo is as important for an accomplished bridal look as the bridal dress itself. Both of these elements should accentuate each other’s worth and style. There is an array of hairstyles for brides. You can go with up, down, half up, half down, curly, or straight locks. Instead of following the trends blindly, opt for wedding day hair that goes well with your outfit (especially neckline) and is comfortable enough to wear the whole day long. Hairstyles that go with a high collar dress must be chosen carefully.

Hairstyles That Go with High Collar Dress

A high collar dress features an elongated silhouette and tends to focus your neck and neckline, with various eye-catching elements like lacy or sheer detailing, cut-in shoulders, and so on. Here we have narrowed down a few glamorous hairstyles to accent a wedding dress with a high neckline.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, it should be away from your neck and shoulders. You could wear your locks high, in a high bun close to the crown of your head, or tied low, at the nape of the neck (especially with sheer, delicate lacy gowns). Do not go any lower because it will block the collar details of your precious dress. Some hairstyles to try with a high collar dress may include:

  • Low Chignon for a both traditional and casual look

  • Tight ponytail for a fashion-forward bride

  • High buns for a show-stopping look (can be tried either with braids or a ballerina bun).

Check out the recommended styles below:

Feminine Chignon

Tress to impress with this loosely-tied hairstyle that goes with a high collar dress. The messy lower bun, with slightly twisted locks on both sides of the face, exudes sophistication.

Textured Updo

Tied tightly on the front and both sides, a textured bun gives the bride a sleek and stylish look. A bun on the crown of the head, gives it a more regal touch. Alternatively, you can try the same style, but a bit more loose.

A Retro-Style Bun

Carefully-placed bangs on the forehead and a skillfully-tucked lower bun on the back of the neck will give the bride a retro feel. Brides who have straight hair can give this one a try.

High Bun

The ever-trendy high bun is a smoothly wrapped hair chignon, resting on the crown of the head. It's best for both casual and traditional wedding events. This hairdo guarantees a sultry look.

Tousled Bun

Try this loose updo with twisted and wavy tresses in the front, accented by a bun at the nape of the neck. The messy look goes great with a flared outfit.

Sleekly-knotted Bun

This is the perfect hairdo for a fashion-forward bride who wants to try a dramatic look. The hair is tied slickly towards the nape area and accented with a tightly wrapped bun.

Low Messy Bun with Dutch Braids

Add some flavor to a low messy bun by combining it with twisted and casually-made Dutch braids. It’s one of the chicest hairstyles that goes with a high collar dress.

Bouffant Bun

A bouffant bun is a loosely tied big messy bun on the crown of the head. It ensures style as well as a voluminous look for weak and thin hair.

Side Swept Bangs with Bun

A loosely woven chignon can create magical results when combined with side-swept bangs twisted into tiny ringlets. This comfy hairdo can be worn easily for a longer amount of time.

Ballerina Bun

Last but not least, a ballerina chignon is the trendiest of all on our list of hairstyles that go with a high collar dress. Brides with longer hair can get the best out of this style. It can be worn on the top of your head as well as at the nape of your neck.

Note: To make the understated chignons mentioned above more glamorous or appealing to the eyes, you can use various luscious accessories. These may include flowers, clips, or dazzling headbands.