Haldi Ceremony Invitation Wording – Lovely Ways to Invite Your Guests to a Colorful Ritual


One of the most amazing aspects of any wedding is the inclusion of traditions, cultural elements, beautiful rituals and sacred customs in the event, which are all meant to enrich the bond between the bride and groom and the relationships with their families and friends as well. Haldi ceremonies are the best examples in this sense - they are a way to 'connect' the bride and groom before their actual wedding, by applying a paste of mixed herbs, turmeric, oils and sandalwood powder on their face, arms and feet. And such a special ceremony requires the best of the best when it comes to its invitations – here are some lovely examples of the best Haldi ceremony invitation wording.

Haldi Ceremony Invitation Wording – Lovely Ways to Invite Your Guests to a Colorful Ritual


The Invitation with Emphasis on Color

Haldi is a colorful ceremony, in the true sense of the word – the paste used (which is called ubtan) is bright yellow, given by the highly saturated yellow turmeric used in the composition. In many cases, the Haldi ceremony and the equally colorful Mehndi celebration use similar wording (Mehndi Night or ‘the henna party’ where the future bride’s arms and feet get decorated with intricate designs usually follows the Haldi ceremony). Here is a beautiful wording for the invitation that emphasizes the gorgeous nuances of the ceremony:

Dreams of the heart are

being etched on the palms,

It is the colour of Mehendi,

colour of passion and submission


invites you

to celebrate this colorful hendi / haldi of her sister


[Date], [time], [location]


The Playful Invitation

Part of a Haldi ceremony is involving the bride and groom’s unmarried friends to join the celebration and get playful – usually, the single friends are offered some of the ubtan paste, which is meant to help them find an attractive wife / husband in the nearest future. This invitation below tempts the friends to take part in this fun celebration – here’s a great example of a Haldi ceremony invitation wording:

The intensity of a bride's haldi

is determined by the groom's affection for her.

The brighter the haldi, the deeper his love for her...

... so come and join us for the

Haldi Ceremony





and see how much love is in store for you.

[Date], [time], [location]


The Simple and Classic Invitations

If you are worried about sounding too corny / cheesy on your invitation, then go for the standard and classic types! Easy, simple and informational can be the best choice when you want to refrain from sharing too much or using unnecessary words. Check out some easy to follow examples:

Anita warmly invites you to

Rashima’s Mehendi / Haldi Ceremony

[Date], [time], [location]


Sara Ganeshaya Namah

Haldi Ceremony

Please join us for

Dinner and an evening of

Traditional Indian Music and Dance

to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of




[Date], [time], [location]


The Romantic / Sweet Haldi Ceremony Invitation Wording

The Haldi ceremony, while taking place before the actual wedding, holds a great place for romance, as it has the purpose to prepare both the bride and the groom for their upcoming new life chapter. If you are looking for a romantic way to invite your guests to this amazing ceremony, then check out this type of Haldi ceremony invitation wording filled with just the right dosage of romanticism:

Two souls bind themselves together with the eternal bond of love,

honesty and compassion...

You are cordially invited on Sunday, 21 January 2017 to celebrate

The Mehendi & Haldi Ceremony of our sister Aisha

[Date], [time], [location]


Atleen and Ravi

would like to invite you to a celebration of eternal love, friendship and youth

We want to share our great excitement in

starting our lives together with our dearest friends

Please join us for a dance party and an evening of

music and munchies

cocktails and conversations

friends and festivities

[Date], [time], [location]


The Formal Invitation

If casual isn’t your style and you’re looking for something more elegant and formal, take this text into account when deciding on the best way to invite your family and friends ahead of your new journey:

Sonal, Parul, Hema and Chandni Jhaveri

request your esteemed presence at the

Mehendi and Dinner

to celebrate the auspicious

wedding of




[Date], [time], [location]

There are numerous ways in which you can invite your dear ones to attend your Haldi ceremony – but part of the beauty of it is customizing everything until the last details. The best Haldi ceremony invitation wording is always the one that speaks for you the most and that characterizes the tone you wish for your event – whether it is formal or casual, romantic or playful. Pick wisely and enjoy your celebrations!