24 Stunning Ideas for Hall Decorations for Weddings


Wedding is the most important day in every couple’s life. You can arrange it simply or transform it into something exceptionally unforgettable. Adding some upgraded details in menu, music, lighting and other decorations, can leave great impact on the guests’ minds, making it the memorable one for the years to come. Here we have enlisted some great ideas for hall decorations for weddings to give you inspirations for your wedding day.

Hall Decorations for Weddings

Remember to keep in view the wedding theme, time of the day and season of the year, before finalizing the decoration's details.

Entrance Sign

The fun should begin from the beginning. The reception entrance! Add a touch of drama with some unique sign board, chalk board or a photo frame of the just married couple.


Other Signs for Fun Element!

Sign boards can also be used to create fun elements in the reception. Use them on various spots to bring a playfulness to the event.


Sitting Area

Having a well arranged sitting area in the hall is a unique yet trendy option. The purpose is to create a space to relax. You can personalize it with some chic background. How about a family pictures wall?


Seating Assignment

Guide your guests to their seats in some awesome manner. Colorful escort cards table, or bulletin board displayed near the reception entrance seems quite appealing.


Backdrop or Wedding Wall

Show off your classy style with the perfect reception backdrop. There is so much to experiment with, like flowers, lights, ribbons, paper flowers. The list goes on.


Happy Cocktail Hour

Make that happy hour of drinking and fun, happier with cool ideas and fun decoration. Add chalkboard signs to the area. Colorful drinks and well-presented food items can make it special. For presentation, add some unusual items like lanterns, birdcages and flowers.


Favors and Gifts

Offering favors and gifts like something to munch, drinks or any other items, are quite traditional. An innovative sign board displaying the idea, adds playfulness to the event.


Artistically-Designed Chairs

There are countless ways of giving the simple chairs an embellished and decorative look. Items like drapes, burlap, flowers, foliage, ribbons ,etc. are used commonly. The selection of these elements depends on the wedding theme.


State-of-the-Art Centerpieces

When it comes to hall decorations for weddings, a table should be attractive enough to keep the guests interested rather than making them feel like snoozing. Brighten up your event with distinguished centerpieces. These could be both floral and non-floral.



Tablescaping is one of the most significant elements of hall decorations for wedding. Placement of the crockery, dishes, glassware, table runners, all need to be perfect to get a flawless look.


Reception Table Numbers

Table numbers seem quite a petty item. Even they can be dealt tactfully to make a difference in the overall decorative ambiance of the ceremony. Both numbers and names can be displayed.


Unique Glassware and Crockery

Dare to dazzle with bright and dazzling glassware and crockery for your tables. Choose the colors that complement the overall decorations.


Menu Cards

Give your guests some idea of what they are going to feast on. A simple menu card can be given a standout style by opting for some unique inspirations.


Menu Card Chalk Boards

Colorfully Yummy food items, displayed on the tables can also make a big difference. You can also display the menu cards on the chalkboards (with a buffet table) instead of placing them on the table.


Dessert’s Delight

Desserts table is the most favorite corner for all, especially for the kids. Decorate the colorful sweet tables with playful sign boards. Or use small decorating accents like colorful tassels, buntings, balloons ,etc.


Cake Table Décor

Calling it the most romantic corner of the hall, would not be wrong. Elevate your wedding cake table with the best decorating accents like some aesthetically-pleasing background, floral or non-floral accents like banners and buntings.


Couple’s Table

Make the newly-wed couple feel special with an attention-getting Mr. & Mrs. reception table. Use the most traditional Mr. & Mrs. banner, or set some elevated background for them.


Dance Floor

The dance floor should be dazzling and sparkling. Especially for the nighttime event. Garlands of lights, marquise lights, drapes, pom poms, buntings or parachute ceilings, all can make it look like a disco.


Wedding Band’s Corner

Wedding reception bands can also be made a part of hall decorations for weddings. The area, specified for the wedding band or DJ should have the perfectly lighted background. It would make them more prominent, especially for those sitting at the distance.


Photo Booth

Give your photographs the best background with some nice and innovative background. It should be colorfully playful. Paper flowers, balloons, tassels and foliage. Or add some fun element with funny props.


Reception Kid’s Table

If it’s not an adults-only wedding, you must not forget the special refreshments for the kids. Place a special table for cookies, candies, crayons or other toys and fun activities. Decorate them in as many fun ways as you like.


Greeting Cards Box

Do not forget to arrange a card box for gathering all the greeting cards. There are numerous DIY methods by which you can utilize old objects. Old wooden boxes, old suitcases, cages and other unique containers can make best greeting cards box.


Ceiling Décor

Do not miss the reception hall ceiling! A nicely-set drape, luxuriously style chandelier, colorful bunting and balloons, led lights, all items can be utilized to give a glamorous tone to the hall decorations for weddings.


Wedding Hashtag Sign

Spread your love to the world by displaying your wedding hashtag for sharing you big day on the social media. Use colorful signs or chalk boards to spread the words.