He Wants to Postpone the Wedding: What to Do


Many women go through this: the bridegroom wants to postpone the wedding. It can due to any reason, maybe he’s nervous, anxious or he is just not ready. No matter what the reason is, you must not worry about it. Read on to find out what you should do and what not to do if he wants to postpone the wedding.

He Wants to Postpone the Wedding: What to Do and What Not to Do

What to do if he wants to postpone the wedding

  • Dealing with your emotions. First of all, we all know it is hard to go through this. But stay positive, surrounding yourself with positive people would really help. It's OK to talk to friends you trust and ask them to support you.

  • When you calm down, try to understand that it could happen to anyone. Marriage is something you have to prepare yourself to and wedding itself is big, it's normal for anyone to have cold feet before such a big event. 

  • Discuss it with your fiancé. Bring the topic up in a safe and private place, where you both can talk freely. Ensure that you have a minimum of one hour to discuss the matter with your partner, so you could get the full story. Listen carefully to the concerns of your fiancé. Notice the situations and words that make him nervous and then aim to diminish those things. Take help from both non-verbal and verbal cues. You must be considerate, open, patient, and understanding, while listening to your fiancé. Encourage him to express his feelings and concerns, and talk in a positive way to ease his tension.

  • Talk to a counselor. If you are not that good at talking to people, then maybe you can try to seek professional help. Make sure you stay calm during counselling, and follow the counselor's instructions to solve your problem.

  • Make the decision. When you find out the reason, you can start to solve the problem. If your fiancé is worried about certain details of the wedding, then you two can discuss it and work things out. If he is not ready for the wedding, you can give him some time to think things through. And make sure you express your feelings as well.

What not to do if he wants to postpone the wedding

While there are some things that you must do if your fiancé want to postpone the marriage, there are also some things that you should not do in the same situation. Just have a look at those things.

  • Do not be angry, while listening to your partner’s concerns.

  • Do not be dishonest, when you are discussing the matter with your fiancé.

  • Do not ignore or write off the feelings of your fiancé, as it is very important for your future that you know what your partner feels about you, your relationship, as well as the wedding

  • Do not mention the wedding for some time, say for some weeks. But after that, you must definitely sit down and talk it out with your partner.

  • Do not give him pressure, but make sure that he understands that it takes two to make things go ringht.

What people say about the situation when he wants to postpone the wedding?

It is not only you, who has come across such a situation. There are lot of girls who have gone through a similar situation. Let us see some of the cases, where one of the partners wants to postpone the marriage. Additionally, check out how these people handled such a situation and how everything ended.

  • “I Postponed My Wedding Due to Anxiety and Depression”

When asked by my fiancé, whether I have doubts or second thoughts about our marriage, I just told him that I was feeling confused and nervous. After that I went into depression for some time. Finally, after consulting a counselor I came to know that it is my marriage that is disturbing me. Fortunately, one day my fiancé said to me that he wants to delay the marriage. I happily agreed to him. So, we postponed our wedding for a year and now I am informing everyone on my guest list that the marriage has been postponed. And I feel relax and happy, it's not that we are calling off the wedding, we just need some time to prepare ourselves.

  • “How postponing my wedding saved my marriage”

As my wedding day grew closer, I started fighting with my fiancé on the most dumbest and foolish things. After talking to a friend of mine, I realized that I am really nervous about the wedding, not the man I am going to marry. Then, one day I got a really nice job offer that would take me away from my partner for a year. After talking to my partner, he encouraged me to take the offer. Soon, I got to know that my spouse also wants to put off the marriage, but was afraid to tell this to me. So, we both decided that we will get married, when we both want to do it. After all, the wedding is about us and not the people around us. And now we are happily married!

  • “My fiancé wants to reschedule our wedding (again)”

It’s not the first, but the second time that my fiancé wants to reschedule our wedding. I really want to marry him, but other than that I also respect his feelings and decision. However, going through it all over again and again cancelling the arrangements is really stressful for me. Although, he has told me that he will still do it to please me, but I am really confused as to what should I do. I'm thinking of getting professional help.