17 Homemade Wedding Decorations for Couples on a Budget


When trying to save money and simultaneously planning your wedding, chances are, that you’ll find yourself in a bit of a difficulty. But with the help of homemade wedding decorations, suddenly, things are looking much brighter. These days, the large spectrum of ideas and innovative tricks on how to create stylish and unique décor pieces for your wedding is certainly helpful and inspiring. Check out our selection of easy and fast homemade projects that you can use on your wedding day:

17 Homemade Wedding Decorations for Couples on a Budget


Glitter-Dipped Feathers

Feathers and weddings go hand in hand, when you think of the traditional white doves as a symbol of purity and good luck ahead of a new journey. And when you’ve got some pretty white feathers, you can totally bling them up with the help of golden glitter – just dip them in liquid glue, then in a glitter jar and there you have it: the perfect decorations to use as part of your centerpieces, in small vintage bottles.


Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkins for a Fall Wedding

You’re about to get married during the autumn, and while you are very happy to do so, you can’t help but feel a bit jealous at the wide range of flowers and decorations available and suited for a summer or spring wedding. Well, these cute painted pumpkins with Mr. and Mrs. signs were made just for you!


Tiny LED Lights in Jars

It doesn’t get any easier than this! All you need is a couple of Mason jars with lids and a few string LED lights (battery-operated). Add one string in each jar and voila! You’ve got a cool and sparkly way to brighten up your reception.


Story of Us – Tree with Photos

Print out 20 + photos of you and your love, then attach them in chronological order on a string, with spaces between them. If you are having an outdoor reception, create a "Story of Us" tree, by wrapping your photographic garland around a thick tree.


Wine Bottle Wrapped in Rustic Rope

Rustic weddings are all the rage these days, so there is no wonder that there are numerous homemade wedding decorations out there that feature this trendy style. Use rope around your favorite containers, be it the case of Mason jars, vases or even cheap plastic cups in order to create a chic centerpiece recipient.


Gold Painted Balloons

White balloons and gold paint make an excellent pair for a glamorous wedding! Affordable and easy to do – so what are you waiting for?


Lace and Ribbon-Wrapped Jars

Lace is a wedding classic, from the dress to the wedding decorations, it looks positively stunning, especially when paired with dainty ribbon.


White LOVE Buckets / Centerpieces

Looking for affordable and unique centerpieces for a long guest table? Here is a lovely alternative to the classic vases: paint small buckets in white, then add your favorite words on top.


Cork BAR Sign

What homemade wedding decorations could be more suitable for a bar if not something made out of corks? Check out this cool and inventive way to direct your guests to the place where they can grab a drink.


Glitter Log Slices

Glitter makes everything better – and rustic tree log slices are no exception. If what you’re going for is an eclectic style and a combination between shabby and glam, then say YES to these glitter-finish logs.


Pastel Tulle-Wrapped Balloons

An impactful and inexpensive décor piece, perfectly used as a background for photos, as a photo prop or even to decorate the aisle: check out these tulle-wrapped balloons in pretty pastels.


Map Heart Garlands

For a couple that loves traveling, maps are a great element that you can use in order to show your passions. Add a heart-shaped color paper in the mix and you’ve got yourself a lovely garland.


Gold Spray Painted Bottles

Gold spray paint is up there with glitter when it comes to the trendiest homemade wedding decorations – just take a look at these cool bottles of different shapes and sizes!


Spray-Painted Branches with Crystals

If flowers don’t interest you when it comes to centerpieces and you’d rather opt for a cheaper alternative for your winter wedding, then give these silver painted branches a go!


Burlap Wrapped Jars with Cute Buttons

Rustic burlap and cute bright buttons as a color pop – a delightful combination you simply must try!


Hearts on Sticks for an Outdoor Event

There are lots of ways to decorate the aisle in order to make it look more romantic or glamorous… but these cute colorful hearts on sticks are some of the best: affordable, chic and sweet!


Romantic Paper Lanterns

These homemade wedding decorations made of coffee filters and lace doilies are a little more complicated to make, but the stunning effect is guaranteed!