Honeymoon Clothing for The Bride: You Can't Miss This


The last thing a bride-to-be needs is to stress out over packing for the honeymoon! Honeymoons are all about having fun and relaxation after the months of preparation for the big day (well, and romance, but we’ll get to that!). From drinking out of a pineapple with your toes in the sand, to fancy dinners under the moonlight, read on for tips on essential tropical honeymoon clothes for the bride.

Beach Honeymoon Clothing for The Brides

Bathing suits

Since most of your day will likely be spent either pool-side or on the beach, you’ll want to pack a few different bathing suits to avoid tan lines, and to allow time for suits to dry. Try packing two-piece bathing suits that you can mix and match for a variety of looks and take up little space in the suit case.


Not everyone honeymoons to simply soak up the sun. Maybe you want to get some cardio in by playing some sand volleyball, or seek an adrenaline rush from some water sports? Planning excursions for zip lining or ATV’s? Some tank tops, sports bras and lightweight shorts are all good choices to keep you comfortable and not worry about exposing your goodies during a particularly violent volleyball serve or a windy catamaran. Don’t forget the sunglasses!

Cover up

You can’t go into most resort restaurants in just a bathing suit, so it’s important to have some type of cover up. The sun is brutal in tropical climates, so choose one that will also help to protect your arms and chest. Reflect your unique style when choosing honeymoon clothing for the bride – a funky fedora, a floppy sunhat or a baseball cap all work to protect your scalp from becoming sunburned.


Sundresses are a must! They can be dressed up for dinner with jewelry and sandals, or dressed down with a sunhat and casual flip flops (or even bare feet) during the day. Both take up very little space! There is typically a dress code in resorts and cruise ships for dinner, so the great thing about vacation spots like these is that you can never be overdressed. If you want to bring a more formal dress for a glitzy evening, go for it!


The sun is hot, the humidity is high – besides sipping a frozen beverage, one of the best ways to keep cool is wearing a comfortable skirt. Choose a fabric that breathes and one that isn’t too tight fitting (because let’s be honest – after all that preparing for wearing your wedding gown, you’re going to indulge in drinks, dinners and desserts). Pair with a pretty blouse or dressy tank for an evening-ready look.


Palazzo pants are a pretty alternative to wearing dresses. They’re really comfortable (think pajamas!) and can be dressy with tops that have lace or ruffle detailing, or keep it casual with a fitted tank or tee. Add a long necklace or some fun bracelets to keep it from looking TOO casual. Comfort is essential when packing honeymoon clothing for the bride, but you don’t have to sacrifice style!

Lingerie and Sleepwear

When it comes to what you’re wearing (or not wearing) when you head back to the room with your honey, there are no rules! Choose something sexy with lace, something playful with rhinestones, something naughty with garters or something comfy for when you actually DO sleep (or after you’ve worked up). Robes can be practical or fun – silk, satin or see-through, choose a fabric that he can’t keep his hands off of. Bonus tip: pick a robe with a removable sash, and use your imagination to find other uses for it (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Special Notes

  • Think mix and match! Try to aim for coordinating solids or patterns that have multiple colors. Keep in mind that dark clothes are not that cool, but light-colored fabric can show stains.

  • Lycra, nylon, spandex and Tencel are all wrinkle-resistant fabrics that will make packing honeymoon clothing for the bride a breeze!

  • Try to limit accessories by choosing versatile styles. Neutral flip flops or slides, a nicer pair of wedges or sandals to be worn only at the pool or beach, and a pair of tennis shoes (if you plan hitting the gym or a walking tour) are all you need. A purse that can go from daytime to nighttime and a lightweight beach bag will save space.

  • Packing tightly can minimize wrinkles, as well as wrapping clothing in tissue paper. Roll, don’t fold, because in the later condition, clothes are prone to wrinkling. No one wants to spend their precious time in paradise ironing!

  • Don’t overstuff! Be cautious not to exceed airline weight limits, or risk breaking open your zipper en route. The last thing you want to spend your money on is overweight luggage fees, or a new suitcase!

  • As soon as you are checked into your room, unpack and hang up your clothes to avoid that not-so-trendy “slept-in look.”

Honeymoon Clothing for The Bride in Other Conditions

If you and your new hubby are not fond of beach travel, you might already have planned other activities for your trip, like going sailing, hiking, shopping and so on. In different conditions, the clothes you should prepare may change a little.

  • Sailing: Going with something nautical-inspired is never out of style! If you find yourself on a boat, an anchor tote will pull your look together.

  • Hiking: Keep yourself cool with a sports bra and breezy tank paired with athletic shorts, and prevent injury by wearing sturdy shoes.

  • Shopping: Put the comfy shoes you’ve packed to good use if you plan on doing a lot of walk through shopping areas. Consider bringing your tote to help you carry back all of your goodies!

  • Dinner: When it’s time to dine, find out if your hotel has restrictions on attire for dinner. Many times there will be long slacks for men and dresses for women dress code, which includes heels and formal attire.