Best Honeymoon Destinations for Every Season


Your honeymoon trip is once in a lifetime. We have compiled a list of dream honey destinations for you. Read and enjoy!

Best Honeymoon Destinations for Every Season



Why go: This tropical island lies off the coast of Africa. It has beautiful well-organised hospitality with wonderful food. The palm fringed beaches are white and enclosed by coral reefs which making them safe and teeming with fish for good snorkelling.

Best Season: Travel at any time of the year but the wet season is from November to April.

Approximate Cost: From $3,500 

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South Africa

Why go: Cape Town is a stylish city with lots to see and do. You could visit famous Table Mountain or the penguin sanctuary in Port Philip. Combine your visit with a Safari in Kruger National Park. Or drive the world famous Garden Route from Cape Town to Plattenburg Bay combining your city sightseeing with a beach vacation.

Best Season: All year-round, but cooler in June and July.

Approximate Cost: From $2,500

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Rio de Janeiro

Why go: High above the sunk-kissed beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana stands the famous statue of Christ of the Andes. The breath-taking views from the top are not to be missed! Most hotels are across the road from the white sandy beaches.

Best Season: The all-year round sunshine makes it suitable at any time, but cooler from June to September.

Approximate Cost: From $1,500+

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The Maldives

Why go: It’s one of the best honeymoon destinations on our list.These low-lying islands are situated in the Indian Ocean, south of the Indian sub-continent. Most hotels are beach-resort in style. And as these islands are in danger due to global warming, it would be a holiday to remember.

Best Season: Suitable year round but wet from May to September.

Approximate Cost: $3000+

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Why go: The Andaman sea on the western side of Thailand has wonderful white beaches. But equally, the islands in the Gulf of Thailand such as Krabi and Koh Samui can provide remote sub-tropical sun bathing places in private coves. Make a honeymoon memory by travelling by elephant on a safari through the jungle.

Best Season: Temperatures rarely vary but can be wet from November to March.

Approximate Cost: $1,500+ 

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Why go: The ultimate romantic monument in the world is the Taj Mahal. Built by Shah Jehan in memory of his beautiful wife. It would make a backdrop for any romantic photo. A honeymoon destination never to be forgotten. Besides this,India also has pink palaces and surprises on every street.

Best Season: Best to visit from October to March.

Approximate Cost: $5,000+

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Tahiti and Bora

Why go: Lying in one of the most remote places in the Pacific Ocean the resorts of Bora Bora and its rival Tahiti will surely satisfy any couple who desire privacy. Try even more remote Yap and swim with giant manta rays!

Best Season: Your honeymoon destination at any-time of year but dry season is April to October.

Approximate Cost: $3,000+

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Why go: You are spoiled for choice should you decide to spend honeymoon in the Caribbean. From wild and exotic Cuba to edgy Jamaica. your choice is limitless. The British Virgin Islands are a good choice or you could choose wonderful French influenced St. Lucia.

Best Season: Winter is ideal for this honeymoon destination as wet season is May to October.

Approximate Cost: $3,500+

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Why go: The Irish Capital is best for couples who love historical landmarks. Pay a visit to the Dublin Castle which was built in the 13th century. Or visit Trinity College to see the book of kells, created in 800 AD. Also this city has a lot of parks, you can relax in the green while embracing the history.

Best Season: Spring

Approximate Cost: $1,000+

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Why go: It is said that when you grow tired of London you grow tired with life. Soak up the Royal Palaces, art galleries and world-class theatre, which makes London different from other honeymoon destinations.

Best Season: Spring

Approximate Cost: $1,500+

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Why go: The City of Light – Paris is for lovers and honeymooners.  You can wander through the Left Bank of the Seine or climb the steps to the romantic church of the Sacre Couer in pretty Montmarte. Also why not visit the Louvre to see the enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa. It will make your trip worth.

Best Season: Spring

Approximate Cost: $1,500+

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Why go: Nowhere in Europe will you see such blatant lovers as the Italians! Whether having full scale romantic shouting matches or kissing passionately in public, the Italians are never boring to watch! Food too is wonderful in Rome. Visit to the world famous Isle of Capri and you will create a lifetime memory of your honeymoon.

Best Season: Spring

Approximate Cost: $1,000+

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River Cruise on the Rhine

Why go: The siren of the Lorelei Rock could sing sweetly for you as you cruise down one of the great rivers of the world. Relax and enjoy a visit to vineyards, fairy castles and medieval villages where time stands still. Ideal if you like changing scenery every day while relaxing in your own luxury suite.

Best Season: Summer

Approximate Cost: $2,000 (10nights full board cruise)

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Ski North America

Why go: Aspen Colorado is the US capital for powder ski-ing. Stay in the Little Nell at the bottom of Aspen Mountain, the ultimate in luxury. An active honeymoon suits many couples who like to stay fit.

Best Season: From November to mid-April.

Approximate Cost: $7,000+

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Embrace the Cold in Europe

Why go: Stay in luxurious Courcheval, the choice of Royals and celebrities such as Victoria and David Beckham. The glamour of Courcheval should set the right note. It's at top of the  list of winter honeymoon destinations.

Best Season: From December to March.

Approximate Cost: $5,500+

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Orient Express Train

Why go: Travelling on the Venice-Simplon Express from London to Venice or in reverse is the ultimate romantic honeymoon destination. You travel through Europe and wake up to a different country each day. 

Best Season: The train runs from March to November.

Approximate Cost: $4,000 two-day train trip.

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Cruise Ship in Mediterranean

Why go: For the ultimate Autumn honeymoon destination, choose to cruise the Med as Prince Charles and Diana did in 1981. There are many routes that can take you from Gibralter to Cairo with stops in Barcelona, Monte Carlo, Elba, Rome, Sicily, Malta, Athens ending with a visit to the Pyramids in Cairo.

Best Season: For honeymoons from April to October.

Approximate Cost: From $2,000

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Canada Train Trip

Why go: North America is a lovely autumn destination for your honeymoon. Take the train through the Rocky Mountains, starting in Montreal there are several places to stop such as to the town of Jasper. Watch the autumn leaves change colour as you travel. With wonderful accommodation and food, you will enjoy the vista from the panoramic viewing platform as you travel leisurely along.

Best Season: Fall

Approximate Cost: $4,000+

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Loire Valley in France

No place in France is more lovely than the Loire Valley. With romantic Chateaux, some of which were built for lovers of the French Kings down the centuries, and accommodation fit for your princess, it’s the most romantic place among all the honeymoon destinations.

Best Season: You couldn’t go wrong for an autumnal honeymoon in this wonderful valley.

Approximate Cost: $1,000+

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Moscow to St. Petersburg River Cruise

Cruise on the majestic Volga river, waterways of the Czars stopping at medieval villages that have not changed since 11th century. Romantic woodlands and lakes can be explored with picnics in sunny Summer-time glades. This trip is a once in a lifetime experience.

Best Season: Summer is recommended as winter is harsh.

Approximate Cost: $3,000+ 

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