20 Top Picks of Honeymoon Dress for the Bride


After getting married, there comes a time when you just want to be with your man. That time comes when you are on your honeymoon! You two will get to spend some quality time together and you definitely want to look your best! Before you go, here are 20 top picks of honeymoon dress for the bride that you can browse through and pick up for all those selfie time, and you can also show your fabulous look to your man!

20 Dresses Perfect for Your Honeymoon


Sleeveless pleated floral dress

This is an adorable dress with the exquisite floral design and short sleeves. It has a beautiful V-neck front, topped off with an easy back zipper closure. Available in sizes 4-16, this dress is sure to get you a lot of looks.

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Lace halter fit and flare dress

This dress is laced to perfection literally and the keyhole neck offers a fashionable top and an overall amazing appearance. You will look stunning in this flamboyant white dress.

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Printed eyelet shift dress with keyhole back

This light summer dress will be sure to please. The squared floral design offers a unique bright and flashy look. This dress is easy to wear with a variety of jewelry and looks great with a summer cardigan as well.

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Xscape Embellished Two-Piece Gown

This stunning gown is sure to make you stand out in a crowd. It will slide along the floor and you will receive more looks than you can count. The amazing bead detail will shock both you and your friends.

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Xscape Lace Halter Keyhole Gown

This delightful gown features a halter-like neck line, complete with a back zipper and hook closure, which is special among our picks of honeymoon dress for the bride. You will be sure to turn a lot of heads wearing this beautiful dress!

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The Lara Midi Dress

This cute blazing red dress is pleasing to the eye, sleek and stylish. You will be the talk of the town when you are seen walking with this amazing stylish dress on.

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The Bailey Dress

This bright yellow dress will make you stand out in a crowd with its stylish one shoulder strap design. You will not only be looking great, but also be ready for just about any occasion.

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Sleeveless beaded cocktail dress with sheer details

This beautiful dress features a short bottom, and a shocking sleeveless look on top. It was crafted by the finest workers around the world and once you put it on, you will look and feel great.

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Long beaded chiffon dress

This stunning white beauty will turn heads the moment you step into the room. Wear your favourite jewelry, because they will be sure to stand out when you are wearing this gorgeous long beaded white dress. The combination of the crossing straps and the sleeveless design makes you get a magazine cover worthy look.

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Embroidered lace dress with taffeta skirt

This bright blue design offers a fantastic fresh look with the stylish V-neck design and short shoulder sleeves. And you will definitely stand out in this bright blue colour.

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Lace Boat-Neck Sheath Dress

This pink dress is a gorgeous honeymoon dress for the bride that you probably haven’t seen before. Featuring both short sleeves and an incredible lace design, you will be sure to be the talk of the party.

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The Harper Jumpsuit

This adorable dress has an attractive sleeve design, featuring a variety of colours and sizes.

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Mimi tassel dress

This dress has unparallel flare and the furry strings are dangling from the bottom to the short sleeves at the top. You are to be looking and feeling on top of the world in this amazing dress.

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Short Ruffled Dress with Pearl Beaded Neckline

This spectacular Cerise dress has a very flirtatious, stylish design. The layered fabric really offers a look that will surely please the eye of both the beholder and your own.

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Short Tulle A-Line Dress with 3D Flowers

Featuring an amazing 3d floral design, this dress is of both a powerful colour and style. The sleeveless top and bright pink colour provide a very bright, fun look.

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Two Piece and Sleeveless dress

Like black? This dress has style! Featuring an amazing lace, a sleeveless top and a full skirt design, you will most definitely fall in love with the exquisite detail of this dress. It’s a unique honeymoon dress for the bride.

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Two Piece Tulle and Lace Short Dress

This dress shows off how awesome a 2-piece dress can look. It has a different coloured top and bottom, a delicate floral design on blue fabric on top and layered lace on the bottom. This dress would look great as an everyday outfit or for a special occasion.

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Boho Day Out

Want to show a bit of skin, or show off your new tan? This is the dress for you! This colourful dress offers a futuristic style that is very hard to match.


Lamora Off-White & Red Floral Print Dress

This is a stunning honeymoon dress for the bride that can be used for all sorts of events; anywhere from formal to casual, you will fit right in. This amazing red floral design really pops out and creates an amazing visual experience.


The Vanca Women Blue Georgette Dress

Although being only one color, the dress is still brilliant. Since the thin see-through layer on top of the thicker beautiful cloth creates a visually appealing design, it is both fashionable and truly unique.



  • In fact, honeymoon clothes depend on honeymoon destinations. For most, tropical places like coastal places and beach are people’s first choice. So dresses are suitable in such place.

  • In order to avoid wrinkling your dresses, make sure you roll them nicely. If you put a paper towel roll in them before rolling, they are less likely to wrinkle.