20 Great Ways to Honor Deceased Parent at Wedding


Wedding is a high time to rejoice with your loved ones, your closest friends and family. However if you have lost someone who is dear to you, especially your parents, it brings sadness in your heart that they are not with you on such an elated occasion. However, remember people who are special to us stay in our heart forever and wedding is a great time to honor those who are residing in the heaven. There are plenty of ways to pay respect to your loved ones without dampening the mood of festivities. Here, we are taking you to go through several special ways to honor your deceased parents.

20 Beautiful Ways for Honoring Deceased Parent on Wedding


Wear her wedding dress

Every individual no matter at what age, shares a deep bond with their parents. Wearing a dress of your mother or modifying it before wearing is a beautiful way to honor her and feel her special presence.


Display their photographs

Taking down a trip to the memory lane for your guests is a magnificent way. You can use a photo wall or a memorial table to display photographs of loved ones.


Let the photograph speak up

Framing photographs of deceased parents and then displaying it on the altar table or beneath a chuppah is a very special way as it’s the place where they will stand alone in front of the guests to witness you say I do.


Speak up their words

On your big day when you are bursting with mixed emotions, you can always commemorate parents by reading their favorite poem or story. By doing this, your whole past life can flash in front of eyes and you can always feel their lovely presence.


Use flowers

One of the direct way to remind of your deceased parents is having an empty special chairs with a single rose or small bouquet placed on chairs in their honor.


Make a special toast

Honoring deceased parent on wedding by making a toast to express your love is a magnificent way. Announce their names, read their favorite poems or writings, and drink their all-time favorite wine.


Keep their charm close to you

Both of you can incorporate photo charms in your wedding ensemble as in brooch, buttons or on a bouquet. This is a sweet way to remember them.


Live up the ceremony by their videos

Have presence of your deceased parents by playing videos of deceased parents at wedding, or you can show slide show by compiling their wedding photographs.


Dedicate a moment of silence

Especially for religious couples, a moment of silence within house of worship is a powerful way to remember deceased parents. You can do this right after your walk down the aisle and before the vows.


Use candles

One more special way is putting a candle on the entryway table or near cake display, using a flameless candle to reflect that your deceased parents will live forever in your heart.


Rejoice the way they rejoiced

Making your first toast as a couple is such a high spirit task and using the toasting flutes of your deceased parents can become more meaningful and eternal.


Wear something special from them

Wearing an antique ring, sparkling tiara or brooches, handkerchief, or a swatch of lace from your parents' wedding dress can be easily incorporated into your wedding look and leave a lasting impression of your parents.


Incorporate their favorite tunes

Music invigorates the soul. The music you select for your ceremony and reception offers a perfect chance for you to remember them by playing their favorite songs or instrument along with dance with your spouse.


Lighten their souls by lightening ceremony

You can always take out time for your deceased parents on your wedding day by having a Chinese or Japanese lantern lighting ceremony on a water body to show your love and memory.


Release a balloon

At the end of the ceremony, releasing balloon is a special touch in honoring deceased parent on wedding. Their name tags can be tied along with the balloon.


Include loving tag

Simple and easy way to remind your guests without making a fuss is to include an “in loving memory tag” to tie into your wedding items, like in your clothes.


Bloom your wedding with their favorite flowers

Floral decoration blooms the wedding venue and you can choose a flower design while keeping in mind the flower varieties that were adored by your deceased parents.


Bring something close to their presence

Rather than flowers or photographs, you can use something meaningful that they used to enjoy, such as a special baseball cap, a musical instrument that they played, rosary or even a ball of yarn and crocheting needles.


Select touching wedding favors

In lieu of wedding favors, scrolls can be placed at each guest’s place setting to inform them that the couple made a donation at a place which was linked to their deceased parents. For example, if your parent died because of cancer, you can make a donation for cancer as a charity to help others. Honoring deceased parent on wedding with this kind of manner is meaningful.


Let their souls speak

Hanging wind chimes or having a butterfly release to honor your deceased parents can be beautiful and romantic way to show your love and you can feel their presence with wind.