The Size of One Carat Diamond?


Many people will confuse the carat of a diamond with the actual visual size, but it actually refers to the weight of the stone. The shape and type of gemstones can have an effect on how many carats that stone weighs. To fully understand the size of one carat diamond, you will need to take into consideration the shape and cut which will also have an effect on how big the diamond looks.

The Size of One Carat Diamond?

Round Diamond

Round cut diamonds are one of the most popular cuts because even the 1 carat round diamond that only measures in at 6.5 mm still reflects light brilliantly.

Princess Cut Diamond

A 1 carat princess cut diamond only measures in at 5.5 mm, but you wouldn’t notice the small size by the dazzling display it gives off.

Oval Diamond

Oval cuts measure in at 7.5*5.5 mm, the extra length is what makes these 1 carat diamonds look bigger than they actually are.

Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion cut diamond is a unique option with 1 carat diamond that measures in at 6.2 mm.

Marquise Diamond

The size of one carat diamond? With a marquise cut, you’ll get a stunning 10.4*5.2 mm diamond.

Pear Shaped Diamond

At 8.4*5.6 mm, the pearl shape cut diamonds are one of the visually larger cuts for diamonds.

Emerald Cut Diamond

1 carat emerald cut diamonds should measure to be about 6.9*4.6 mm.

Asscher Diamond

At just 5.5 mm, the 1 carat asscher cut diamond is a smaller option for engagement rings.

Radiant Cut Diamond

You’ll get a stunning amount of sparkle from this 6.9*5.2 mm 1 carat diamond cut.

Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart shaped cut diamonds offer a 6.5 mm unique shape for diamonds.

How to Make Your 1 Carat Diamond Ring Look Bigger

You might feel discouraged by the size of one carat diamond, but don’t fret! You can give your 1 carat a boost to make it look significantly larger than it actually is!


As you noticed above, the shape of the stone greatly various the size of a 1 carat diamond, so if you want your center stone to look bigger opt for an oval, emerald or marquise cut diamond.

Choose the Right Prongs

Some setting will feature large prongs which will cover the surface area of the diamond and this will make the stone look smaller. Instead, go with a setting that has discrete prongs to maximize the stone's appearance.

Band Metal

If you want your diamond to shimmer and shine like a 2 carat, then choose a pure white metal like platinum. The platinum will reflect more of the diamond's brilliance since it ultimately will act as a mirror surface.

The Setting

If you are concerned about the look of how big is a 1 carat diamond, then choose a setting that encircles the center stones with a band of smaller stones, or use a cluster of stones in the setting. A halo setting or pave setting is the perfect way to make your 1 carat look much bigger and grander than it actually is.

Colored Stones

Adding in a few pink, blue or even green stones will really make your 1 carat diamond pop. A little bit of color will add in modern feel to a traditional ring and make the center stone really stand out and look much bigger.

Side Stones

If you don’t want to go with an elaborate halo or pave setting, then simply include some side stones on the ring. 1 carat diamond will look almost twice as big when paired with two daintier stones on the side properly.