How Early Should You Order Your Wedding Dress?


Wedding dress shopping is one of the most exciting parts about planning your weddings. Even if you have not set an actual date or if it is still many months away, it is a good idea to get a head start on finding the perfect dress. Why is this a good idea? Keep reading.

How Early Should You Order Your Wedding Dress?

When it comes to finding the perfect dress, most brides find the whole process much easier than they think. Just follow this general guideline to get the most important part of your wedding.

9-12 months prior to wedding date

Start researching different styles and shapes you might be interested in. Buy every bridal magazine you can find, and download images from the internet that inspire you. You will want to bring these with you when you actually start the shopping process.

You also need to have shoes, undergarments and hair accessories picked out to bring with you to the first fitting. Here is why you need to have them.

  • The undergarments most often will change the fit of the dress, and the slightest change will change the overall look. Have a few options picked out and ready to take with you to your first fittings.

  • The veil or headpiece you plan to wear with the dress should also be ready beforehand. Having the veil with you will give you a clearer vision of how the overall look will be on your big day with that dress.

  • The shoes you will be wearing will not only be needed to get the right length dress, but you will want to consider how long you will be wearing the shoes on your wedding day. You want to find a stylish shoe that your feet and toes can tolerate on the big day.

6-9 months prior to wedding date

Now, you will want to start going to different bridal shops and trying on a number of styles to find the one that best fits your shape. Even if the dress isn't what you originally had in mind, try it on anyways; you might just fall in love with the complete opposite of what you first imagined.

4-6 month prior to wedding date

How early should you order your wedding dress should be as close to six months prior to your wedding date which will leave you plenty of time for fittings. Accessories, bags and hair accessories should all be decided on at this time as well.

6-8 weeks prior to wedding date

This is the time when the dress you have chosen should be available for the first fitting. Brides typically go to at least three fittings. The first is the one where all the major alterations will be made. Make sure you have your shoes and undergarments with you for your fittings.

4 weeks prior to wedding date

The second fitting will take place at this time to see if any other minor adjustments need to be made to the dress. You will want to bring your veil and accessories to this fitting so you can decide if the final look is as perfect as you imaged. Look over the dress to make sure there are no wrinkles or bunching and that the bodice and hem fit perfectly.

2 weeks prior to wedding date

Since you have known "how early should you order your wedding dress", now the final fitting will be the focus ensure the dress is flawless. It will give you one last time to try on the whole look from head to toe. Be sure to bring along a family member or friend to not only share this moment but also to learn how to properly do the bustle.

2 days prior to wedding date

This is when you will pick up your final gown and make payments for the alteration and the remaining balance. Now you will want to prepare all the elements for the big day.

The wedding day!

There are just a few things to do on the big day! 30 minutes before you put on the dress, give it one final steam cleaning. Relax and enjoy the moment, my beautiful princess!