When Does Groom Get the Tux Before the Wedding?


There are a number of things that can totally go wrong on your wedding day. However, you must distinguish between things that are under your control and things that aren’t. So, while you can’t control your dress getting ruined somehow on the wedding day, you can control that your tux as well as the tuxes of your groomsmen are all in place before your big day.

When Does Groom Get the tux Before the Wedding?

The question depends somewhat on when the bride’s dress gets chosen. As soon as the bride is done with her dress, you can start looking out for the right tux. Leaving the fitting and the ordering to the last minute would only stress out your fiancé.

If you don’t want to spend too much on your tuxedo, you can always rent one. It’s a popular option amongst grooms as renting normally costs around 15-30% of the price of a brand new tux. Choosing between renting a tuxedo and buying one depends on how many formal events you attend each year. If you attend more than three events every year, buying the tuxedo for around $300 to $500 would be a good idea. Otherwise, renting would be the smarter choice.

If you decide to rent your tuxedos, deciding it early and then picking it up at least two days before the wedding is the answer to "when does groom get the tux before the wedding". This would normally give you enough time to look for any fitting issues or to avoid any mistake with the size of the tux. If you don't get it early, your groomsmen would love to have a laugh seeing you look fat in a small tux, which would totally ruin your wedding day.

How to Find the Best Place for Renting a Tux

When it comes to renting a tuxedo or a suit, your best bet are your family members and friends as their recommendations would be genuine. You can also search online to find the companies that operate in your area. Make sure that you look at the company’s offerings thoroughly so as to believe in their ability to adhere to your requests if there are any adjustments before the scheduled pickup.

Any tips for renting?

When renting a wedding tux, keep these tips in mind:

  • Select the rental store which regularly updates their inventory of tuxes.

  • The sales representative should let you talk and understand what you want. If you ask for a slim-cut, black suit, but the rep comes back with a grey tux, you should politely excuse yourself and look for another store.

  • Do not hesitate in looking for online rental services which offer shipping the tuxedo to your doorstep. It would work best in case your groomsmen are in different parts of the country and would join you a day or two before the wedding.

  • Ensure that the store you choose offers all the accessories including bow tie, pocket square, shoes and cufflinks.

  • Make sure that groomsmen also order their tuxes from the same store so that you all look a perfect match.

How can the groom ensure that measurements of everyone in the wedding party have been taken?

To know "when does groom get the tux before the wedding" is not enough, the wedding party needs to get measured quickly too and needs to have their tuxes ready a good few days before the wedding. To ensure that everybody gets measured before the tuxedo shop’s deadline for fitting, give your wedding party a fake deadline that is at least a week before the actual deadline. This would ensure that even the lazy ones get themselves measured before the tuxedo shop’s deadline. Finally, ask the tuxedo store about the measurements and check if everybody has got themselves measured at least three to four days before the final date.

The store’s final deadline would normally be at least two months before the pickup date. If someone would get measured late, the store won’t guarantee that their tux would be ready in time.

What’s the best time for the groom and wedding party to get fitted?

A group fitting is a great idea. Nobody likes wasting a precious half hour in a tux shop unless the time is spent having fun with your friends. You can always schedule a second fitting for people who can’t make it together. Or they can get their measurements taken from a local store and then e-mail it to your tux store. So, when does groom get the tux before the wedding and his groomsmen's measured? It’s best to start these activities around six months in advance to get the perfect tux at least a few days before the wedding.