For How Long Does Baby’s Breath Last?


Baby’s breath has always been the go-to filler for bridal arrangements but recently a number of ways to incorporate these tiny little details in other aspects of wedding day décor have been popularized. Baby’s breath presents a lush and airy look that is romantic and lovely. But one of the most common concerns is just how long baby’s breath flowers last.

FAQs About Baby’s Breath

How Long Does Baby’s Breath Last For?

There are many varieties of baby’s breath and while some of the tiny blooms may die off rather quickly, most will last anywhere from 5 days to up to 10 days. Proper care and handling of these delicate flowers will lengthen their lifespan.

How to Choose the Right Baby’s Breath

When it comes to purchasing bunches of baby’s breath, you obviously want to avoid any that show signs of browning. The best bunches will feature half opened and half closed blooms with flowers that are fluffy and white. The stems should be green, thin, and wiry, with fully loaded blooms.

How to Care for Baby’s Breath

Once you have the baby’s breath, remove each stem from their bindings. If there are leaves on the lower portions of the stem, carefully remove these and then rinse the lower portion of the stems under running water. Below are more tips to keep your baby's breath fresh.

  • Keeping your baby’s breath hydrated: Use a sharp blade to cut an inch off the end of the stems and immediately place them into a sterilized container with about 4 inches of lukewarm water. It is also recommended you use a flower-food solution to provide the baby’s breath with the proper nutrition.

  • Refrigerating your baby’s breath: If you’re still wondering about how long baby’s breath lasts, well, you can better preserve your baby’s breath and lengthen its lifespan by refrigerating ot at 35 F. The humidity should be around 90 to 94 percent and they should be kept in water for at least 2 hours before they are used in your arrangements.

Caution:When kept in a refrigerator, baby’s breath can contract the fungal disease Botrytis, which is a gray mold. To reduce this risk, the blooms should not be wet and should not be left in a plastic bag for long periods of time. Ensuring the humidity levels are on the right setting will also reduce the risk of this mold growing on the flowers.

  • Reducing the Ethylene Sensitivity: When baby’s breath is exposed to ethylene, it will quickly begin to wilt because it is extremely sensitive to this gas. Before you purchase your baby’s breath, double check with the seller that an ethylene inhibitor was administered at the farm prior to or during the shipping process. Fruits, vegetables, decaying flowers, and foliage, as well as automobile exhaust and cigarette smoke all give off ethylene gas and can have a negative effect on your baby’s breath.

What Is the Cost of Baby’s Breath?

Where you live will have an effect on the price. While these are considered to be an affordable flower, the price can add up quickly. A bunch may only cost around $6, but you will need a lot of these bunches if you want a full and impressive look. The total of a large number of bunches can easily add up to 80 or more dollars.

Including Baby’s Breath in Your Wedding Day

Now that you know how much time baby’s breath lasts for and a few tips on taking care of it, you may be wondering just how you can incorporate these delicate details into your wedding decorations. We’ve found some great ideas from which you can draw some inspiration!


Bouquets are the most common place that you’ll see baby’s breath used in a wedding. While they used to be just a filler in the past, many brides are now choosing to make these delicate buds the main focus. They look absolutely wonderful bunched together on their own or with a few larger bloom flowers like roses or lilies.


For the gentlemen’s boutonnieres, baby’s breath can be a much more budget-friendly option, especially since a little can go a long way. Pair them with large deep green leaves and they will really pop.


You can use bobby pins to create a beautiful hair piece to go along with your elegant bridal hair do. Baby’s breath are also the perfect flowers to create an adorable headpiece for your flower girls!

Aisle Decorations

Whether you have bouquets tied to the pews or gathered together in an airy arrangement lining the aisle, baby’s breath can really transform your ceremony space into a welcoming romantic setting. Keep the ceremony décor consistent with your wedding day theme using the vases or colored ribbon.

Cake Décor

The wedding cake can account for thousands of dollars in your wedding budget but you don’t have to spend an exuberant amount on your cake decoration! A traditional white frosted wedding cake can look extravagantly done just by adding some baby’s breath to each tier.


Many brides ask how long baby’s breath lasts because they want to make sure their centerpieces will still look amazing on the big day. Need some ideas for arrangement? Since baby’s breath is so versatile, you can do a lot with these little arrangements. From chic and simple to lavish and large, just remember the bigger you go, the most expensive it will get.

Escort Card Display

Most couples will just have the escort cards arranged on a table, with no décor, nothing special: just boring. But you’ve put so much attention into all the other details, why not display your escort cards in a whimsical garden of baby’s breath?

Hanging Decorations

There are a number of do-it-yourself hanging decorations you can easily create in no time. Hanging wreaths or baby’s breath pomanders are the perfect romantic touch to any outdoor ceremony or reception. For your indoor space, you can create a beautiful backdrop for your wedding day pictures.

Candle Décor

Whether they are submerged in the water below a floating candle, around the base of the candle holders, or simply displayed next to them, the baby’s breath and candle combination will enhance any space. This is one décor idea that you can incorporate with any wedding theme and location.