How Long It Takes to Get Rings Resized?


One of the most important and precious items on your wedding day is your wedding rings. You may have added stress if you have a ring that doesn’t fit properly or still out for sizing. It is good to know right off the bat the answer to, “how long it takes to get rings resized?” This article will explain some of the reasons for why it may take some time and experiences of others.

How Long It Takes to Get Rings Resized?

The truth is, there is not a definite answer to this. It can take a few hours to a few weeks, depending on where you have it resized and what changes need to be made. There are many different things that can affect ring sizing and your jeweler of choice at least needs to see the rings to quote you a time frame. Here are a few of the things they will look at:

  • Removal or moving of any precious stones. This usually happens when you buy wedding bands that have stones all the way around the band. This takes time to remove and replace them with sizing.

  • Work done “in-house” or sent out. Ring sizing can take a lot of the jeweler’s time or be beyond their expertise. Sizing done “in-house” by the jeweler may take less time. If they have to send your jewelry out, it could take weeks to even months.

  • How backlogged the jeweler is with work. Your jeweler may just be very busy and not able to get through all the work in a timely fashion. This is why a jewelry consult early on is a good idea. They can give you an estimate of when to bring your jewelry in by.

  • Depends on different jewelers. Make a call to customer service to know how long it takes and their quotes. 

Notes: The only drawback to having your rings sized too early is changes in your finger sizes. Keep in mind you may have to return to the jeweler to have your ring resized if you lose or gain any wait after they are done. Your finger may also be smaller in the cold winter months and swell in the heat of the summer. Schedule an appointment for a size recheck and cleaning about a month prior to your wedding date.

Experiences of Others

Since everyone’s rings are very individual, there really is no way to tell how long sizing will take. When you wonder, “how long it takes to get rings resized,” sometimes the best answers come from the experiences of others:

“Our ring sizing went pretty fast, about 2 weeks. However, when we picked up mine it has scratches on the back. We had to take it back in to have it polished out and that took another week. Glad we went in early.” Christy and Mark

“We bought my ring from a smaller jeweler in our town. They were not going to be able to size my ring soon enough for our wedding. I was so scared I wasn’t going to have a ring. My fiancés fit just right, but mine was way too big. We took my ring to a major chain jeweler and they had it done in four days!” Joy and Kevin

“We waited too long to have our rings sized. We paid extra for a rush order, but they were not done before the wedding. We were sad, but found a ‘quick fix.’ We purchased two affordable plain gold bands for the ceremony, then had our rings blessed by our priest when we go them back after our wedding.” Marie and Nathan

“Our rings took about 10 days to be done. Our experience was a good one but our bands were really simple. I had a friend who went to the same jewelry store and their rings took four months. They had very hard to work with stone settings. My guess is it depends on the ring.” Kaitlyn and Jerrod