How Many Flowers Are in a Bouquet?


Your wedding décor will most likely be filled with flowers from the ceremony to the reception. There will be flowers dressing the altar, the tables and more importantly will be accompanying you down the aisle. Your bridal bouquet will be one of the most important flower arrangements of the entire wedding day and should enhance your overall look. But, while most brides think that bigger is better, this can often clash with the design of the dress or cover its fine details. So how many flowers are in a bouquet? Here you will learn just how to decide.

How Many Flowers Are in a Bouquet?

While there are no set standards for how many flowers should be included in the bouquet, but you can use the following information as guidance. The bridal bouquet will vary not only depending on the type of dress you will be wearing but also on the types of flowers you choose for the bouquet. The following just lists the common used flowers for making a bouquet, you can always go to the floral stores to know about it.

Mixed Bouquets

Mixed flower bouquets will be a combination of fillers, greenery, focal flowers and secondary flowers. They can include any variety of flowers from orchards and garden roses with fillers and greens such as Ruscus and wax flowers. For small arrangements, the stem count should be around 10. Medium arrangements should consist of 18 to 20 stems and large arrangements can have 25-30 stems.

Peony/Garden Rose Bouquet

If you choose to have a bouquet that is made with a single flower type like peonies or garden roses, the stem count will be much lower than in mixed bouquets. Smaller bouquets should yield 3-4 stems, medium bouquets should have anywhere from 6 to 9 stems and larger bouquets will tend to have 10 to 12 stems.

Rose Bouquet

Rose bouquets are one of the most popular single flower bouquets that brides choose. For smaller bouquets the stem count tends to be around 8 -12. For medium bouquets, 18-20 rose stems are used and for larger bouquets there can be up to 25 stems included.

Hydrangea Bouquet

Hydrangeas have larger blooms and therefore less of them are required to complete a single flower bouquet. For bridal bouquets using only hydrangeas, smaller bouquets will only have 2-3 stems, medium bouquets will have 4-5 stems and larger bouquets will have 6-8 stems.

Baby’s Breath Bouquet

How many flowers are in a bouquet that consists of just baby’s breath? These bouquets do not actually add up the number of stems used, instead, just take into consideration how much of a total bunch they use. Smaller bouquets will generally consist of ¼ of a bunch of baby’s breath, medium bouquets tend to be about ½ a bunch and larger bouquets are closer to one full bunch of baby’s breath.

Lily Bouquet

Lilies make a beautiful and elegant statement as bouquets and you do not need many of them. For small bouquets, usually 3 or 4 lilies are enough to create a chic look. Medium bouquets tend to have 6-8 stems and larger bouquets can have 10 or more stems.

Tips About Choosing Wedding Bouquets

The flowers you choose for your bridal bouquet will tend to take a number of other factors into consideration. From season and the dress to your wedding theme, you will want to ensure your bouquet enhances all of these aspects and not clash or add unnecessary expenses into your budget. So here are some tips to find the most proper bouquet for your big day.

Find your dress first

The bridal bouquets should be an additional accent to your overall wedding day attire, so it is wise to have found the dress first. Before knowing "How many flowers are in a bouquet", you need to take into consideration the style, cut and color of your dress, so that your bouquet can perfectly complement the wedding gown. When meeting with your florist, have a photograph of your dress with you or at least a sketch of what the finished dress will look like.


Choose the right size and shape

While it can be tempting to choose a large trailing bridal bouquet, this can really take away from the finer details of your gown, and this defeats the whole purpose of choosing that gown. The bridal bouquet should not obscure the dress and as a rule of thumb, the bouquet should be smaller than your waist. This not only will create the wow factor you are going for, but choosing the right size bouquet can also help accentuate your body shape.


Choosing the right colors

Bridal bouquets present the challenge of having to match the exact white or cream color of your dress, so have a piece of material for the florist to go off when choosing the right colors. Color coordination is a major factor when designing your bouquets and you want to make sure the bouquets matches your color scheme.


Add seasonal flowers

Seasonal flowers are always a highly recommended choice for bridal bouquets and are often more budget friendly, too. The price of each flower can have an effect on how many flowers are in a bouquet. Also, consider what different flowers represent, so you create a truly unique bouquet that perfectly represents your wedding day and personality. Never be afraid to ask your florist for advice or suggestions.


Customize your bouquet with personal touches

Your bridal bouquet should reflect your own style and tastes, so be sure to let your florist know which flowers are your favorite, and try a few for the final arrangement. Many brides also include a family heirloom into the clutch of the bouquet like a brooch or other piece of jewelry, which is the perfect way to add in a personal touch and pay tribute to a special family member or friend.