How Many People Can Sit at an Eight Foot Table?


A smaller reception means you will need less space and tables. While this is helpful to your wedding budget, you really need to know how many people can sit at 6 ft table comfortably. Planning a dreamy and romantic reception means making sure your guests have plenty of elbow room at their table. This article will help you decide how to make seating for dinner work with 6 ft tables and make your day memorable for everyone!

How Many People Can Sit at 6 ft Table?

Deciding how many people can sit at 6 ft table is really up to the size of your guest list. Six foot tables work best for smaller weddings that are more intimate. Here is a breakdown:

6-8 people for rectangular table6 ft tables tend to max out at 8 people. You can seat one of two ways, 3 per side and 1 on the end, or just 3 on each side.

8-10 people for round tables. 8 people would be very comfy with enough space but you can also try 10 people, just make sure the guests don’t feel squashed.

How Many Tables Will I Need?

Now that you know, “how many people can you sit at 6 ft table,” just divide your wedding guest list by 6. Here is the formula:

*Take your guest list and your wedding party and divide by how many you want to put at each table. For example if 6 people are sitting at a rectangular table:

75 guests + 8 Wedding Party = 83

75 Guests / 6 = 13 Tables

8 Wedding Party = 3 Tables

So it's:

16 Tables Total with Head Table

14 Tables without Head Table

The head table will be 3 of the 6 ft tables placed side by side with the wedding party sitting on one side facing the guests.

Below is another example with round tables with 8 people at each:

Accessory Tables

You will of course need a few extra tables for things like:

  • Cake

  • Gifts

  • Guest Book

What About Linens and Centerpieces?

Depending on the type of look you are trying to achieve, you will need 1 table cloth per table. Here are some of the sizes:

  • Casual Mid-Length – 60” x 120” Rectangle

  • Formal Floor-length - 90” x 132” Rectangle

  • 6’ round table: 120 inch, or a 132 inch for formal floor-length

Centerpieces can be a little trickier. You will want to leave space for table settings, favors, and your guests:

  • 1 Centerpiece – 6 ft tables have limited space so it is often better to do one large centerpiece in the middle.

  • 2 Centerpieces – If your center piece design is a bit large, go with 2 centerpieces, one on each end of the table.

  • A long centerpiece extending to the whole table/ tables. This works if you have s train of foliage, plants, flowers, etc. for your rectangular table.

Tips for Pretty and Comfortable Tables

  • Accessorize! Keep centerpieces small and less in number and use accessories like strings of ornamental pearls, flower petals and votive candles.

  • Simplify Glassware. Keep wine glasses off the table until dinner. Have the wait staff bring them out when it’s time to pour dinner wine. Any cocktail or drink glasses can be removed before dinner as well. Flutes can be brought out at toasting time.

  • Ditch Place cards and Favors. Unless your wedding is a very formal one, ditch the place cards and favors for more table space. You can place wedding favors on or near your cake table.