How Much Are Peonies Per Stem?


A number of details require your focus when planning your wedding, but the one that stumps most brides is the flower arrangements. This is the one detail that can be incredibly difficult to budget for since there are a number of factors to consider, from the season to size of the arrangement. In this article, we are going to tackle this tricky detail and how it pertains to the most common flower used in wedding floral arrangements: peonies. Just how much are ponies per stem and how to use it in the wedding? Read on to find out!

How Much Are Peonies Per Stem?

Because peonies come in a wide array of colors and are typically large, beautiful blooms, they are one of the most popular flowers to use in wedding décor. They can be bought year round, and can be one of the more expensive flower choices on the market. When it comes to the prices of peonies, they tend to fall in one of these three categories:

  • The Peak Season, between the months of April and June where they can cost you around $7 per stem.

  • The Off Season, between the months of March and July to September where the price per stem will cost around $10.

  • The Out of Production or Limited Season, between the months of October and February where the stems can cost up to $35 and at least $15.

The color you choose will also have an impact on the price. White peonies will cost more than the pink ones, but you can typically find them at a great price if you take the time to search for them wholesale. When you buy the peonies in bulk, you will pay far less per stem. You may be surprised by the answer to how much peonies are per stem, but before you rule them out, take into consideration the visual effect they can have. Since they are full flowers, you will not need to buy as many to create a stunning impact. You can get creative with these flowers and not have to use nearly as many as you would with other flower choices, which can end up saving you some money with your flower budget.

Know More About Peonies

Aside from knowing the price of peonies, there are a few other details you may want to know as well.

Are there a variety of peonies to choose from?

Yes! There are almost 200 different varieties. The most popular ones include the Sarah Bernhardt, Shirley Temple and Duchess to Nemours, which are often soft pink peonies or classic white and cream colors. For a more colorful peony, go with the Coral Charm or Coral. These can be found in a deep goblet shape and in beautiful hues of coral and peach.

What months are the best times to buy peonies?

While you can find peonies all year round, it will cost you more during certain months as mentioned above. The best months to buy peonies is from February to July, but they can be specially ordered for those December weddings, and many florists can order them from Alaska in the August month.

What about the variety of colors?

You can find peonies to match just about any color scheme. From deep luscious reds to romantic soft pinks and airy yellows. Their cost per stem can vary depending on the colors you choose. They can be used for any wedding theme because of their textures and colors. They can stand on their own or can be mixed with other flowers like roses for a truly spectacular arrangement whether for the bridal bouquet or centerpieces.

The Coral Charm and Coral Sunset peonies are very popular options for summer weddings.

The Duchess to Nemours and Shirley Temple peonies are ideal for a romantic theme. The Lush crème colors are a favorite and are easily enhanced with lovely accents of Astilbe but also can stand on their own for a stunning display.

Include Peonies in Your Wedding!


Whether bunched together for the bridal bouquet, or as a single large bloom for the bridal party, a bouquet of peonies can provide stunning results. What is even better is you only need a few stems to create a big beautiful bouquet with or without additional fillers.

Table Centerpieces

From large and luxurious, to small and romantic, peonies are incredibly versatile and fit in with any wedding theme and style. They can be displayed as a single stem or in a bunch with other flowers for some truly remarkable centerpieces.

Cake Décor

You can turn a simple cake into a beautiful showcase by incorporating a just a few of these large blooms in the cake design. Whether you use them as a cake topper, or have them trickle along the side, peonies can enhance your wedding cake in an elegant way.

Chair Décor

Peonies per stem aren’t cheap, but you can still use of of them to add a little aredécor onto your chairs. Whether it’s a few along the aisle at the ceremony or on the back of the chairs at the reception, they will be one small detail that will not go unnoticed.

Table Settings and Other Décor

You can even use peonies to decorate any area of your wedding location! From the escort cards and wedding book table, to a single stem next to the place settings, these flowers the perfect finishing touch!