How Much do Wedding Invitations Cost?


There are tons of options when it comes to wedding invitations but the selection process can be a little confusing since each design or layout comes with a different cost. While budgeting for wedding, most people pay little heed to the cost of paper or wedding invites. However, you must know that the way your cards are printed can significantly raise or decrease the cost of wedding invitations. Here is all what you wish to know about wedding invitations cost and options available!

How Much do Wedding Invitations Cost?


On stationary items, you should spend no more than 2-3% of your total wedding budget. It's up to you, how fancy you want your invitations to be. The fancier it is, the higher the cost will be . The cost of standard wedding invitations along with reply cards in a traditional American wedding is $659, according to the Bridal Association of America. In 2015, the wedding invitations alone cost $381-441 on average. Besides, you have to factor in save-the-dates,  programs, table cards, menu cards, place cards, and thank-you cards.

These are estimated costs and you may find cost variations depending upon the location of card designers. Based on how grand you want to get with your invitations card, the wedding invitation cards can cost as much as $9 per card. At the lower end, wedding invitation can cost $1.50 each,  to $3 -4 each for mid-range invitations.


Factors That Add to the Cost of Wedding Invitations

While discovering how much do wedding invitations cost, it is also important to understand the factors that determines the cost. 

  • Some couples send save-the-date cards prior to the wedding invitations to make sure that their guests don’t make other plans and are able to attend their wedding. Logically, this notion can increase the expense.

  • Another expense is of postage. Posting big and heavy invitation cards can cost you more than the standard posting charges. Don’t forget the stamps that will be attached to your reply cards! You can save some bucks by using reply postcards or ask your invitees to R.S.V.P. via e-mail or phone.

  • Printing techniques and quality of paper also play a huge role. Ranking from low to high, the prices increase from: digital printing--offset printing and thermography--letterpress--engraving.


Money Saving Tips

Before ordering wedding invitations, look around the market and check different vendors. If you are looking for simple cards then there is possibility that another vendor is charging lower price than your vendor. Getting your cards printed online can also save you some money. Online printers give you option to make your own designs and can offer you some good prices. It can cost you as less as $1 per card with plain envelopes.

What Different People Have to Say?

How much do wedding invitations cost? A new bride shared her experience at a forum:

“My husband and I spent around $200 for 80 panel pocket invitations along with inserts, envelopes and stamps. My invitations were partially DIY.”

Another lady told:

“I placed an order for 115 wedding invitations and chose bit formal style, using good quality papers. I didn’t do any pocket style. The package included invitations, information and R.S.V.P. cards with an envelope printed with return address. The total cost of wedding invitations was $400.”

A lady got thermographic printing for her wedding invitations, she told:

“Set of 100 wedding invitations cost me $500, cost varies according to the type of product used.”

A lady shared her daughter’s wedding experience:

“My daughter had very small but extravagant wedding. Her invites were 25 but since she got everything of high quality so it cost her $850.”

A lady said that while estimating the cost for wedding invitations don’t forget about the posting charges. She told:

“We had 200 invitations using thermographic technique. It included lined envelopes, reception cards, R.S.V.P and thank you cards having return address preprinted on them and accommodation cards. All these were for $1800. Since some invites were supposed to be sent internationally therefore postage charges were also added which were around $350.”