How Much Does a Videographer Cost?


If you are getting married, or know someone who was recently married, then you know the constant struggle with whether or not to hire a wedding videographer. You’ve locked down the perfect photographer who will capture gorgeous still images of the ceremony and reception, but what about the best man’s hilarious speech, or the laughter from the crowd as the bride and groom break out in dance for the first time? A photograph may be worth a thousand words, but the worth of actually hearing and seeing your wedding over and over again is simply priceless. Trust me, you will want a wedding videographer.

How Much Does a Videographer Cost?

As like pretty much everything within the wedding industry, the costs associated with a wedding videographer range depending on several variabilities. Generally, in 2015, the average price for a videographer was between $1500 and $2000, but as you might expect, things such as popularity of the videographer, which month you opt to tie the knot, and the packages you and your fiancé select will all play a determining factor in the final tally

The packages a couple can choose from for their big day will vary. Below is a breakdown of some of the standard packages, as well as what these packages include, so you and your fiancé can answer the question "How much does a videographer cost?" better.

  • If you and your fiancé are looking for something simple, cost effective and really only wish to relive your wedding ceremony, a basic package could be your option. These packages start around $400. It can also include music accompaniment. It is important to note that this option will most likely include only single camera coverage.

  • If a basic package seems a little too simple and capturing both the ceremony and the reception is a must, then the enhanced package would be more appropriate for you and your fiancé. Starting at around $900, this package will include everything in the basic package and will also include coverage of both the ceremony and one to three hours of the reception.

  • Looking to include different camera angles as well as on-screen titles? The deluxe packages will provide that. It includes multi-angular recording, and will range in cost between $1,200 and $1,900. Should you and your fiancé opt for the deluxe package, you can expect at least two cameras at both the ceremony and reception, up to 5 hours of coverage, several copies of your video, lighting, on-screen menus and titles.

  • If you would like your wedding video to look more like a movie, then you and your fiancé should budget between $2,200 and $3,200 to select the premium package. Surely, the premium package costs more, but it will include special effects, two to three cameras, interviews to your family and friends, and up to 8 hours of recording.

  • How much does a videographer cost if you choose the final package, titled the luxury package? Well, it starts around $3,500 and can range as high as the happy couple wishes to spend. This package will include unlimited coverage of the ceremony, reception, the wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and can even include a post-wedding brunch if your wedding has one scheduled. Additionally you can expect interviews of your closest relatives, wedding party and any additional individuals you wish to capture on your big day. Finally, if you are dreaming of replaying the ceremony footage via a simulcast at your reception, the luxury package is your best bet.

Selecting the package is one factor that will affect your costs. Based on the level of videographers, the costs change drastically.

  • The entry-level, fresh into business videographer will cost you and your fiancé between $500 and $2000. There is no guarantee that the video will turn out exactly how you envisioned, but it could also turn out to be something great as videographers with more experience do. If you’re willing to gamble, the entry-level videographer is the way to go.

  • If you’re asking yourself "How much does a videographer cost" in regard to a professional level title, then expect to budget at least $2,000 and up to $3,500 for coverage of your big day. A professional has more practice and experience, he or she will also likely have better equipment and often times will meet and/or exceed your original expectations.

  • If you’ve budgeted upwards of $3,500, then you can expect to receive a best-in-class, top notch videographer. He or she will most likely produce a true work of art, but don’t be surprised if this person isn’t as personable or “nice” as you wish to be.

Additional Costs…What?!

Well, of course there are additional costs! Just like with a photographer, there is a la carte “add-ins” that will drive up the final price of your videographer. Be sure to take the following into account when setting your budget:

  • Extra Cameras – You will most likely have the option to select between a second videographer with a second camera, or a still tripod for a second camera. Each will have additional costs, so be sure to select based on the end result you wish to receive.

  • Editing – When selecting your videographer, be sure to ask about the turnaround time for editing, and any fees associated with "rush editing" should you want the video to be completed in a quick time frame.

  • Number of copies – Wouldn't it be tragic if you lost your only copy of the video? Definitely opt for 2 or more copies, and check up in advance about how much each will cost.

It may seem a little confusing, but watching that movie of your special day will make you say "It's worthwhile" when thinking about the days that you want to know the answer about "How much does a videographer cost".