How Much Does It Cost to Get Married in a Church?


As you prepare to make your walking down the aisle, you probably already started to wonder how expensive your special day will be. Well, that's your special day, so how could it be cheap? Most couples start with a budget and a list of priorities to do and make their wedding a legendary experience. If one of those priorities registers as marrying in a church, then you must want to know the cost of it.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Married in a Church?

In America

The Bridal Association of America estimates that the usual cost of a typical church wedding costs about $435. This price often covers a wide variety of items necessary to allow for a successful wedding, but typically included staples are the rented space for an hourly period and the rehearsal. This estimate is without extras that some couples forego as weddings become less conservative.

However, some couples will spend far more than this depending on what their specific needs are. The price of a church wedding in America varies a lot based on the number of guests and size of the venue. If the couple wishes to go simple and reserve a minor chapel, they need to limit themselves to about one hundred guests and plan to spend anywhere from $100 to $400. For more moderately sized church parties of 250, couples need to plan for about $500 to $800 in expenditures. If the couple plans a large wedding with 300 or more guests, the wedding can cost around $900-$3000. So the more guests and the larger the area, the more money you can expect to spend.

If you were hoping that the above expenses are the only items considered for a wedding, realize those extras still need addressing. How much does it cost to get married in a church? These extras should never be ignored.

First, there are the church decorations and flowers to think about—do you want the Church to provide these items, or are you going to do it? The Bridal Association of America states that standard Church flowers and decorations will cost a couple $391.

And wait, there’s more. If you are tying the knot in a church, you probably need to foot the bill for the ceremonial supplies, which can cost anywhere between $100-$1500 depending on the number and quality of the items, like candles or canopies. Your marriage certificate can cost at least $100.

Plus, most churches and synagogues expect a refundable wedding deposit. The base rate for this is $200; often it costs much more. And if you are tempted to perform the tradition of ringing the steeple bells, you can expect to pay at least $100 for that.

Another tricky thing about churches is the dress code, as some do not allow women to appear with bare arms or shoulders. Anybody in spaghetti straps or tank dresses or shirts will probably have to buy shawls or boleros to don during the wedding, costing at least $30.

In England

Then, how much does it cost to get married in a church in England? Much like America, the list of wedding fees is quite long and varies widely like that in America.

In England, there is a legal payment required to obtain permission to marry in a Church. It is £486 in 2016 including the lighting, the administration, the cost of the vicar, etc. Standard services that come along with the fee to church (£415) include the marriage certificate (£4), a banns certificate (£13) along with reading your banns at the home church (£27) and where you will marry (£27).

You should know the figure is just starting point. Just like in an American wedding, English ceremonies typically include extras, and some of the concepts labeled as "extras" are pretty standard expectations, unfortunately.

In England, a verger is usually very helpful in a church wedding. He will be responsible for making sure the church is clean, tidy and warm for your wedding. So, the couple can expect to pay for fees for them usually.

You can expect to pay for church flowers and decorations, pay for an organist, bell-ringers or choir if you want music.

Another interesting English wedding fee stems from the filming of the wedding. Any performer, like an organist, will expect to be paid extra if you plan to film them in the wedding.

If you ever wondered how much does it cost to get married in a church in England, you now know the answer to that question is, quite a bit of cash!

As you can see, total pricing for a church wedding can widely vary based on the expectations of the couple. It will be based on the guests there, the size of church area, and many kinds of additional services if needed.

While it is certainly not the least expensive type for nuptials, for many, it is the most important and spiritual route, and with effective budget planning, your dream church wedding can still be accomplished.