The Cost for Getting Your Hair And Makeup Done?


Every girl has a dream to look her best on her wedding and in order to fulfill this dream, they spend a lot on their wedding dress, makeup and hairdo and every other tiny detail that would help her look the most gorgeous bride. However, with proper understanding of available options and how to utilize them, girls can get best bridal makeup and hairdo within their budgets. Learn what is the cost for getting your hair and makeup done; and how can you make budget friendly decisions on your big day!

The Cost for Getting Your Hair And Makeup Done?

On average, an American bride spends $183 on bridal makeup and hairdo, says Bridal Association of America. One-time makeup along with hairdo at the salon can cost you around $70 but this won’t include touchups. If the makeup artist has to come to your place then they might charge you approximately $150; but it is imperative to keep in mind that this is a mid-range. Getting bridal makeup and hairdo from a renowned artist can cost you up to $350 - 500 or more and if the artist has to travel to your wedding venue and do your touchups throughout the photoshoot then they will charge you even extra. For example, some makeup artists can charge up to $50-125 per hour for staying with you during the shoot for touchups. 

  •  Rates can double or even triple depending upon the location as artist from big cities usually have higher prices.

  • Note that the makeup techniques (with airbrush being more expensive than traditional) and complexity of hairdo also plays a role.

A few makeup artists offer free makeup trials while other might charge extra $100. Some makeup artists ask to bring your own makeup while some use their own. Buying cosmetics for yourself can cost you an extra $50 to $300, depending on the brand, number of items and other related factors. Therefore, survey the market thoroughly and try to avail the best available option.

Note: If your family member or bridesmaids are also getting their hair and makeup done from the same salon, they may offer discount packages. The typical cost is as follows:

Makeup Consultations

If you want to know the cost for getting your hair and makeup done, you should opt for makeup consultations. During consultation make sure that you bring your bridal wear with you or at least bring a picture of it. This will help your makeup artist in choosing the best hairstyle and makeup for your wedding day. If you want a particular look on your wedding day then bring the sample picture too and discuss it with your makeup artist. Consider suggestions from the makeup consultants as they have more experience and understand their work better. Allow the makeup artist to try different styles on you and whatever style you like best, ask her to note it down.

Some brides only book their hairdo from a professional artist and prefer to do their makeup by themselves with the help of bridesmaids. Depending upon how high the charges of makeup artist and type of hairstyle you choose, you might have to pay as high as $150. If you want to get your makeup done from a highly professional makeup artist then you should start looking for your MUA (makeup artist) pretty earlier because some MUA do advance booking few months before or even a year!

Reviews from Real Brides

For your guidance we are sharing some real brides’ experiences and their reviews on bridal makeup and hairdo which they had for their wedding.

One bride shared:

“Charges or hairdo depends upon several factors including your hair length and if you want any accessories on your hair. On average, makeup costs $100 and hairdo $200.”

Stacy, a new bride told us:

“Each location or regions has different prices, in my area $100 for makeup and $200 for hairdo are considered very low rates. It’s better to check your local salons and find out their rates for different type of makeup and hairdos. Going to salon will save you a few bucks because if you call the entire team of MUA and hairstylists at your place, that will charge you a lot extra.”

When we asked Tina’s opinion regarding the cost for getting your hair and makeup done, she explained her experience in these words:

“If you want hair extensions or some complex hair styles then it will definitely cost you a lot. In my area, hairstylists are charging from $70 to $100. Talking about makeup, airbrush makeup techniques are costly as compared to traditional makeup techniques. I am getting airbrush makeup and that is for $80, including traveling charges.”

Rita added to the discussion in these words:

“I live in a small town and rates over here are very reasonable. Salons at my area are charging 30 to 35 bucks for makeup and 75 to 80 bucks for hair styling.”

Another bride shared her package makeup deal experience:

“My makeup artist came to the venue and she did my makeup along with my mom, mother in law and one attendant’s makeup. All this cost me $450.”

Resident of Chicago, Ashley told us:

“The place where I live things are at high ends! My MUA charged be $300 for on-site airbrush makeup and hairdo. This includes my trial charges too.”