How Much Is a Tux Rental?


Shopping for dresses and all the decorative accessories for special occasions is always a great venture for women, but is it the same for men? It is believed that men are usually more laid-back when it comes to clothing. Tuxedo renting a more convenient option in weddings if you don't have them ready at hand. It is not only hassle-free but is also preferred because of changing trends and styles. So, if you are not planning to attend a lot of parties in the next couple of years, or if you are a little low on budget, our advice is that tux renting is the most suitable choice for you.

How Much is a Tux Rental?

A full tux outfit consists of the following components: a shirt, jacket, trousers, bowtie, cufflinks, shoes and a cummerbund. Tuxedos commonly come in black or white color, but they can be in shades of grey, silver, off-white or ivory. Other accessories like hats can be asked for if the occasion demands. Socks and pocket silks are usually not included in the total price of renting.

Average Cost for Renting

According to weddingstats, in 2015, the average cost of renting a wedding tuxedo is $150 - $242, averaging $196. But, if your budget allows and you want to spend on a good designer tux and vest, the prices may be $400-500, which can cost more than a thousand if you purchase it. 

On average, you may get a satisfactory tux for about $160 including a vest, shirt, pants and shoes. If you don’t want shoes, the price can go down to $120, which is quite fair. Make sure that they have the best professional workers on site to take your measurement and do fitting of the tux accordingly. This is included in the tux rental. Don’t forget to ask when to return and what extra charges will apply in case of any damage

Additional Costs

Additional accessories like cufflinks may cost you an extra amount of money. Before going for tux-renting, make sure that you have checked what you already have at home like shoes, cufflinks ,etc. in order to cut down the overall cost. Ask for a perfect fitting. In comparison to renting, if you are buying a tux, necessary alteration costs you an extra $30-$100, depending upon the type of change you require.

In addition, rush fee will be charged is you need the tux shortly. It's better to book your wedding party and select the tuxedo styles 60 days before the big day. Talk with stores to clearly understand the fees and timeline. Usually it takes a week for preparing a single tux and 14 days for group. 

Discounts and Concessions

In order to get a better deal make sure to visit bridal shows or salons. Sometimes these agencies offer coupons for up to 20% or more reduction in the rental cost. On occasions, it also happens that tuxedo rental chain stores deduct a significant sum from the final bill if your entire gang rents out at that outlet. There are special online companies that let you rent a good variety of tux at reasonable prices. The offer may include a formal shirt, matching tuxedo trousers, bowtie/skinny ties and jacket for under 100$. Remember not to compromise on the quality.

Keep Your Eyes Open for Good Bargains

Don’t settle for the first tux rental store that you come across. Keep searching until you get the best bargain.

Check Your Budget

Always see beforehand how much finances you have, and what maximum amount you are willing to spend on the rental. Sometimes, buying a tuxedo costs less while renting is relatively expensive. Weigh and balance this situation and act wisely.

Tips to Get a Better Bargain

Browse the Internet

Before you leave home, check out the tux galleries or store locations in your neighborhood. The prices are often mentioned with each tuxedo (or you can request a price inquiry). Make sure to read the reviews/comments by the people if mentioned. Also search for latest style and fashion and look out for any sales or discounts.

Discuss with Fellow Party-goers

Don’t forget to check if there is a consensus on the theme of the event. If your friends are also invited, it is a good idea to go together for tux-rental adventure, as the store may give you a huge discount (depending on the store, size of your gang and style of tux). Also ask for wedding packages, if offered.

More About Tux Rental to Know?

Here are some additional suggestions and words of advice for saving money on men’s wedding tuxedos and rentals:

Suit vs. Tux

This is a question worth giving consideration, especially if you are wondering how much is a tux rental! In this regard, you must know that suits are usually more comfortable than tux and are also the latest trend in men’s fashion industry. A perfectly-fitted suit can outweigh a tux. So, if a suit is relatively cheaper than a tux and is of a finer quality, do not ignore it.


Buying vs. Renting

Some people are of the opinion that buying a tuxedo is not as costly as renting one. Their experience tells them that at times, purchasing a tux is a more economical option. In this way you can also use that tux on  future events; thereby saving a considerable sum of money. So it’s better to keep your eyes and mind open to both the ideas.


Choose the Wedding Attire According to the Venue

Some weddings, organized by creative people are held at non-traditional places like a beach, public park, an art gallery, or some small town or countryside. At these venues, it may not be appropriate to wear a formal tux or suit. So, all the groomsmen should decide on wearing something proper but less formal.


Borrow from a Friend or Colleague

The special occasion is only for a single day, so if you are really low on the budget and have affordability concerns due to other wedding expenses, you can ask your friends, colleague or family members to lend you a tux for one day. Just do the fitting according to your size, and you are all set to go.


The family members should decide if they can arrange a semi-formal wedding ceremony/reception. This may allow the family money to be saved.

In a nutshell, tux renting is a good option for the groom and his friends, particularly for ones with low funds or allowances. The overall renting price is inclusive of fitting, cleaning and pressing. There are great offers and discounts available. These need to be searched for and employed intelligently to get an attractive outfit for the big day.