How Much Is a Wedding Planner?


If you woke up hearing wedding bells, congratulations! You are probably euphoric thinking about creating the most magical, wondrous wedding ever attended. However, couples seldom realize how overwhelming the process is. Choosing the photographers and venues are time-consuming and exhausting. The “To-Do” list goes on and on, and unless you are wonder woman, you will soon realize you need a wedding planner. Taking this step will not only save your budget, it will also allow you to enjoy your wedding process. While first thing first, determine your budget restrictions and then choose the wedding planner package that best suits you.

How Much Is a Wedding Planner?

How much your wedding planner costs is contingent on the services you select. The charges can vary from hourly, flat fees, or a percentage of the total wedding cost. You should allow for a minimum of fifteen percent of your budget if you desire a full wedding service, while there are many options that are very helpful and economical.

Full-Service Wedding Planner

The wedding planner will assist with every detail of the wedding, such as invitations, linens, and rentals. They are in complete charge of executing your dream wedding from the commencement until the knot is securely tied. The day of coordinator's responsibilities, such as reviewing contracts with vendors, organizing the wedding rehearsal and ensuring a proper timeline are also included. The wedding planner will be onsite to coordinate with the vendors and make any unforeseen complications integrate seamlessly with minimal stress and reasonable expenses on your wedding day.

The costs of the full-service wedding planner will vary. The experience of the planner, the location of the event, and how many locations are involved, are all reflected in how much is a wedding planner. Base prices range from $2,000 to $10,000.

Day of Coordinator

Although normally scheduled several weeks in advance, this type of wedding planner may not be involved until a few weeks before the lucky day. The bride has total control and responsibility of planning the wedding and the planner confirm her decisions. The planner is in charge of the rehearsal, reviewing contracts and confirming timelines and vendor contact information. They will be at the ceremony to deal with any necessary changes to ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding.

How much is a wedding planner for day of wedding coordinator? The chaarge is quite variable, too. The location of the wedding, the number of guests and multiple locations all increase the price. The average base rates fluctuate from $600.00 to $1800.00 if an assistant is required.

Wedding Consulter

This is an opportunity for the bride and grooms to ensure they haven't forgotten anything important, like invitations. The wedding planner of this type assists with setting a timeline, suggesting venues and vendors in your area and answering as many questions as you ask. Couples often recognize how complicated the process is at this point and opt to hire a full-service wedding planner. This step should be initiated as early as possible to avoid choosing undependable vendors, wasting time and paying exorbitant fees.

For the price, they routinely charge by the hour and the rates vary from $40.00 an hour up to $150.00 hour.

Are There Any Additional Costs or Discounts

After knowing how much is a wedding planner, we will tell you more practical tips on the costs of wedding planners, and always keep these in your mind when discussing with her or him.

Additional Costs

Often times, the best-laid plans go awry and you encounter unexpected costs, so allow a sufficient residue. Providing you are pleased with your planner, leave room in the budget for a gift certificate as a thank you.


You can bargain with wedding planner and you may find they can give some discount in some situations, for example, your wedding is at off seasons like January or February. Another advantage to use wedding planner is their vast supply of regular vendors. They may be able to secure discounts or other benefits from these vendors. So always be kind to your wedding planner!