Cash Gift Etiquette: How Much to Give


Wedding is something that may change sibling’s paths but still they are special for each other. If it’s your beloved brother’s nuptial, the first question pops in your mind should be, what would I gift him? Would it be a gift or cash? If cash, how much should I give my brother for his wedding? Let’s take a closer look.

Cash Gift Etiquette: How Much Should I Give My Brother for His Wedding?

Why a Cash Gift for a Wedding?

Many sisters plan to give some out of the box gift item. But traditionally for a relation this close, a cash gift should be the preferred option. A cash gift should be the choice for a lot of ‘good’ reasons for both giver and receiver. There is not any such simple yet valuable alternative as a cash gift. It saves you from many botherations like going to the store, spending hours in selecting the gift, wrapping it up and so on. Irrespective of the amount you choose to give, a cash gift, to start a journey of togetherness, always proves a great help. We recommend a cash gift. Though there would be many to disagree. Let's clear out the misconceptions and tell you why a money gift is a good choice.

  • Not Supposed to Bear the Cost!

    It’s nothing but a misconception that you have to cover the cost of the reception dinner. You are not at all supposed to subsidize the wedding budget of the couple. The exact go-to-dollar amount that you pay is totally your own concern.

  • Not a Business Deal!

    A cash gift must not be taken as a source of balancing the previously done expenses. What you received on your big day by this couple, must not determine the amount, you are going to pay. It could be less, more or equivalent to that.

  • A Practical Gift

    Giving a cash gift would not prove you indolent or idle. Rather it’s a wildly accepted practice in various cultures all around the world. A cash gift would support a couple practically. No gift item can be as satisfactory and relieving as a cash gift after spending so many bucks on the nuptial.

  • It Works Both Ways!

    A common myth confines a cash gift to the invitees who are not attending the event. Do not limit a cash gift to your absence or presence in the event. No one is bound to send a gift if he/she is not attending the nuptial. A cash gift can be given in both situations.

How Much Should I give?

How much should I give my brother for his wedding? The question can prove to be daunting sometimes. There are various significant factors that can be helpful in deciding the amount.

  • Your Income

    What is your source of income? Are you employed or not? If yes, how much do you earn? If you are making handsome money, you should consider gifting a reasonable amount. Especially if it’s a close blood relation. Cases like students or unemployed guests can give whatever amount they could  afford.

  • Bonding

    The cash gift can be easily decided by the relationship you share with the bride or groom. Obviously a close relative should be paid more than a colleague or a neighbor.

  • Wedding Destination

    Traditionally, you are supposed to pay reasonably well for a lavished wedding held in a city. If it’s a normal small town wedding, paying less wouldn’t seem strange.

  • Added Expenses!

    A general conception is that wedding party should pay more. And they do, normally. But if you can’t afford it, due to any other expenditure like buying a costly dress for wedding or high traveling expenses etc., you have the right to pay less. Or you can look for an affordable gift item from the wedding registry.

  • Time Is Money!

    If you have contributed or assisted the couple in any other way for wedding preparations, you can pay a lesser amount.

  • Division of Budget

    Normally, an overall gift-budget is determined prior to the wedding. Nuptial gifts include engagement gift, bridal shower or bachelor party gift and finally the wedding gift. The best is to allocate the biggest amount for the wedding gift.

And there are certain situations that might have impact on the amount you are giving:

  • Not Showing up to Wedding!

    What if you are not attending the wedding? You can get away with the situation by gifting a lesser amount. But if it’s a close or blood relation, giving less would not look good. Especially if they had attended your nuptial and gave a gift.

  • Plus-one Guest

    Taking a plus-one guest to the wedding is quite common these days. If you have such plans, you do not have to pay double for it. The better thing to do is to simply multiply the base number by 1.5.

  • Remarriage

    How much should I give my brother for his wedding, especially if it’s the second marriage? You must have been a part of the first too, so you have all the power to pay reasonably less, but too less would be inappropriate as it’s the first nuptial for the other.

What People Say?

“For my brother’s nuptial, I paid $100. I felt it was low, but I had a tight budget. And the travel expenses to the wedding had ruined my whole savings.”

“I was so occupied with the silly question; how much should I give my brother for his wedding? Right before it. Being a student I couldn’t have manage more than $50. Plus, I gave my time and energy to organize various wedding tasks. So I felt contended.”

“I don’t think there are any cardinal rules about paying your sibling. You should try to pay a handsome amount to your brother. But if you can’t afford, do whatever suits you. $100 minimum or maybe a gift from the wedding registry.”

“For a brother, I would say, you should plan between $200 to $500. It should depend on your earning.”


  • Give it in a special way. Write a touching personal note and wrap it with the cash, in a nice card.

  • Giving cash as gift card is yet another great idea. Look for the cards at the couple’s preferred stores and check for the expiry dates or monthly fees. It’s better to get the one without these features.

  • Cash gift, wrapped in with origami flowers or in a cash puzzle, are other great options to try.