How Much to Pay a Pastor for a Wedding


If you’ve thought all about your wedding, you probably already have an idea about the pastor you want to host your wedding. Even if you don’t want to have one in your wedding, almost all states require a clergy member to officiate a wedding that is legally recognized. Then one of the big questions that you have to consider is how much to pay a pastor for a wedding, which will not be answered directly since there are many factors may affect that.

How Much to Pay a Pastor for a Wedding

The general amount that is charged to perform a wedding as a pastor can be anywhere from $200 to $800. The fee for the pastor is usually a donation to the particular house of worship or to its congregation. If you are getting married in a church or temple, call the office and ask how much is usually given for weddings. You may also look online first as this information could be posted there.

What Will Affect the Payment?

The payment for a wedding pastor can vary depending on the length of the ceremony and effort given in the pre wedding and wedding day events. Some pastors require a couple to receive pre-marital counseling. It may take as many as three to six weeks of sessions to plan your wedding day and to discuss issues of you and your new spouse’s life together as well as resources that may be available to help you should you need them. The pastor may have a hand in developing the wedding ceremony and attend the rehearsal as well as performing the service on the day.

The location is another important factor that affects how much to pay a pastor for a wedding. Living in a big city will have a higher cost than living in a smaller town obviously, so the fee for the pastor for couples in Georgetown University will be much more than that for couples in Brunswick, Maine. And if you are in New York, surely the fee will be much higher.

More Questions About Payment for a Wedding Pastor

Who is responsible for the payment?

Generally, the groom’s family pays the pastor’s fee. But this is not a hard and fast rule. No matter what the case, the pastor gets paid.

Who to Pay

When a pastor performs a wedding ceremony, the fee may go directly to the pastor or it may go to their house of worship. Check and ask beforehand to know who exactly to pay.

When to Pay

The pastor should be paid no later than the day of the wedding. Also, if the pastor must travel to reach the wedding destination, it is customary for their travel expenses to be covered, so if you have a destination wedding, how much to pay a pastor for a wedding will increase with this cost.