How Much to Spend on Bridesmaid Gifts and What to Buy?


Your maid of honor and bridesmaids put all their efforts and time in making you feel so special and therefore, it is your duty that you appreciate all their hard work and devotion. The best way to thank those lovely ladies is by presenting them a special gift which will be a memento of your wedding. But a lot of people are confused on what and how much to spend on bridesmaid gifts; this article is intended to answer this question.

How Much to Spend on Bridesmaid Gifts?

For bridesmaids gift you should spend generously as they also spend a lot of time, energy and money in arranging your bridal shower and bachelorette party. However, it is not about financial payback; in fact it is your token of appreciation and you should pay a fair amount for it. Let’s say your bridesmaids have thrown an extravagant bridal shower for you and in return you are giving a 30$ gift voucher, it would look pretty discourteous! It is a general rule that you should spend $75 to $150 on each bridesmaid’s gift.

A Few Etiquettes Regarding Bridesmaid’s Gift

When to Buy?

There isn’t any specific time span for buying bridesmaid gift but it is better to get it at least a month before your wedding. During your wedding preps keep an eye on all great discounts or sales going on, and you might get something awesome at a fair price. While shopping around or assembling your registry, if you find anything perfect for your bridesmaid then get it right away!

What to Buy?

Everyone has their own taste, buy gift for each bridesmaid according to her likes and dislikes. Don’t buy the same thing for all of your bridesmaids. When you present each girl different things it will give them an impression that you have taken out time to think about them and select something exclusively. While choosing gift ask yourself if you would like to have it? Don’t buy something which cannot be reused or stays in the corner of a room forever. Get something which your bridesmaids can use and can be a reminder of your wedding and your gratitude towards them. For example a jewelry box with their name monogrammed on it and a small pendant or earrings placed inside the jewelry box.

Where to Give?

The bridesmaid gift can be given while having tea on wedding day or better option is to give gifts on rehearsal dinner where all close friends and family members will be gathered. Making a toast during dinner rehearsal and saying few words of appreciation for each bridesmaid before presenting them their gifts is the best way to give your token of love and appreciation.

What Others Have to Say?

A lady on a discussion forum said:

“I had seven bridesmaids and since my budget was not very tight, I spent $30 on each girl’s gift, but it was special for each and everyone of them because I know very well what they like.”

Another lady said:

“In my wedding there will be four bridesmaids and I am spending 100$ on each bridesmaid’s gift.”

A girl who had very different scenario told:

“I am having two bridesmaids and both are coming from different places. One is travelling all the way from Italy and other one is coming from Mississippi. They are staying at my house and I am definitely going to get them some spa treatment but besides that I am planning to give each bridesmaid a wedding jewelry along with wedding bags, bath and body products and maybe a bridesmaid clutch too. My budget for each bridesmaid’s gift will be 150$. I want to make them feel very special and show that I highly appreciate that they came all the way long just to celebrate the biggest event of my life.”

Another lady while sharing similar experience told:

“I had three bridesmaids and all of them were coming from different places, travelling on their own expense. It made me feel bad that they are having a lot of financial burden just because of me so I decided that along with bridesmaid’s gift I will also buy them dresses and get their hair and makeup done from a professional on my wedding day. For bridesmaid’s gift I got each girl a necklace worth 18$ and bath and body gift set of 25$.”

Another girl who was about to get married, shared:

“I have three bridesmaids and I am paying for their shoes and I might also pay for their jewelry as well. For the gift I am planning to give either a photo frame or a customized tote bag.”

People have different ideas about how much to spend on bridesmaid gifts. Some prefer cute and less expensive stuff while others believe that a bridesmaid gift should be very luxurious and expensive.

We have another case which was totally different from all of the above shared experiences. Here is what the lady told:

“I have only one person i.e. matron of honor. Instead of buying her a gift, I am going to pay for all her travelling expenses and outfits. I’m not just paying for my MOH but for her son as well. Afterwards, I'm going to send her a very lovely thank-you card.”

If we conclude all of the shared experiences, we can say that bridesmaid gift should be selected according to your number of bridesmaids and of course your budget. Do not pressurize yourself; for your bridesmaid the most important thing is that you do appreciate their love and efforts.

Some More Ideas on Bridesmaid Gifts

  • Ticket to a musical theater

  • Subscriptions of her favorite magazine

  • New best-selling book by her favorite author

  • A gift basket which is themed on her favorite movie

  • A designer bag or shoes

  • A designer makeup bag

  • A framed personalized poem

  • Handmade scrapbook

  • Get her a beauty treatment

  • Lace bureau scarves

  • Decadent chocolate

  • Take her to a five star restaurant for dinner