How Much to Tip Wedding Vendors


When it comes to your wedding, there are a number of vendors that you will want to consider tipping, but these tipping practices vary in different conditions. Many vendors may add the tips into your final bill, while others may expect a small tip under the table and other will not accept additional gratuities at all. This helpful guide will provide you with the information you will need to know about who you should tip and how much to tip wedding vendors.

Standard Wedding Tips for Vendors

The following table will provide you with the information you can reference when it comes to tipping the vendors for your wedding. However, it is just a guide, so you can choose to tip more or less if needed.


Tips Standard

When to Tip

Other Important Notes

Wedding Planner

A nice gift or up to $500 (optional)

After the reception and in an envelope with a thank you note.

Tips are not expected, but it is a great way to show your appreciation. 50% of couples DO tip their wedding planners.

Wedding Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist

15-20% (expected)

Tips should be giving once your hair is done.

Tip more if you or your bridesmaid needs a redo because of something in the last minute.

Wedding Delivery and Set Up Staff

$5-$10 per person (expected)

Tips are generally given the day before weddings to the catering manager.

For important delivers such as that for the cake or sound system, slip the delivery person a few dollars on site. Same to set up staffs.

Wedding Ceremony Officiant

$500 donations to the synagogue or church (expected) &

50-$100 to the officiant (optional)

Include with the fees prior to the wedding.

OR The best man can hand the officiant an envelope at the reception.

How much to tip wedding vendors associated to the ceremony will vary if you are a regular attendant at the church or synagogue. It is customary to make a generous donation to the church if you are a regular attendant.

If you are not a member of the church, you should still make a donation, but it can be around 100-$200.

Wedding Ceremony Musicians

15-$20 per musician (optional)

At the end of the ceremony

You do not have to tip the church organist that is required to play at your wedding. If, however, you have asked for a mini orchestra to play the music, you will want to tip them for their time.

Wedding Photographer


50-$200 per shooter (optional)

At the end of the reception

If the photographer

/videographer does not own the studio, it is customary to tip each person either at the reception or in a thank you note.

Wedding Reception Staff

15-20% of the food/bar tab.


200-$300 to the maitre d' (expected)

Can be included in the final bill, which is paid before the reception.

The father of the bride or best man can also give an envelope to the maitre d' after the reception.

Reception staff includes the site coordinator, maitre d' or banquet manager. Gratuities are almost always included in the final bill, so be sure to check contract. Usually, this is only a 2% fee.

Wedding Reception Attendants

20-$25 per server

$1 per guest for coat check/parking (optional)

Best to do at the beginning of the event to encourage they provide best service, but it can be given at the end.

Reception attendants will include bartenders, wait staff, valet, bathroom attendants and the coat check. How much to tip wedding vendors like reception attendants will require you to check the contract. See if a service fee is already covered for these services.

Ask how many staff members will be at your event, so you can have a better idea of how much to set aside for them.

Wedding Reception Band or DJ

20-$25 per musician

50-$150 for DJs (optional)

The best man should provide the tip at the end of the reception

It is optional to tip the band or DJ, but is encouraged especially if they were willing to meet all your requests.

You should also take into consideration the sound technicians that helped as well.

Wedding Transportation

15-20% from total bill (expected)

Should be given at the end of the night or after the last ride, usually given by the best man.

A bus captain should hand the driver the tip if you use separate buses for the guest.

Gratuities are often included in the bill.

If it is not included tipping accordingly in regards to how early they arrive and how easily they got you and guest from each location.

Things to Know Before Tipping Wedding Vendors

Now that you have an idea of how much to tip wedding vendors, there are some important things to consider before you tip.

Go over the contract

Most vendors will automatically include the tip into the contract, such as the caterer and limo drivers, but others may not. Read over your contracts carefully to see if the tip is already included to ensure you do not double tip. If a contract does not include the tip, you can ask for it to be added, so you will not have to worry about how much to tip them later.


Owners should not be tipped

The owner of the place you are receiving a service from do not need to be tipped. This is true for the stylist that does your hair who owns the beauty shop or a band which is not booked through an agency, since they do not have to pay an agent fee.


Tip extra for extraordinary service

Vendors, such as the wedding planner, cake decorator or DJ, who have obviously gone above and beyond what is expected of them, should be given some extra gifts for showing your gratitude. This does not have to be a cash tip: A gift certificate, bottle of wine or a personalized gift are good choices.


Assign the tipping duties to someone else

Knowing how much to tip wedding vendors doesn't mean you have to do it by yourself. Have a trusted family member or someone from the bridal party be in charge of handing out cash tip envelopes. Make sure they know when to tip, even though it might be hard: Leaving the tips till the end of the services can allow you to make adjustments, but having them handed out before the services can more likely result in better service. Be flexible!