How Old Are Flower Girls?


Children are often a staple in wedding ceremonies. They have some of the biggest responsibilities like carrying the rings and paving the way for the bride's grand entrance! But, children can often be hard to direct. So how old are flower girls typically in the wedding ceremony? Here you will find out about the appropriate age children should be to limit the crying and have better cooperation.

How Old Should a Flower Girl Be?

Most weddings will have children who are between the ages of four and eight designated as the flower girls. Children over eight will be a better fit in as a junior bridesmaids, while under the age of four, children will not take direction very well. There is also a good chance that a child under four will be prone to shyness or simply refuse to walk down the aisle. You have heard of the terrible two's and three's, right?

Junior bridesmaids are typically given to the younger girls between the age of nine and fourteen. As a junior bridesmaid, she will have a little bit more responsibility and can help out more in the pre-wedding tasks. The junior bridesmaid will usually dress in a similar dress as the other bridesmaids, and they also walk in the procession down the aisle, as well as have a spot at the altar or stage along with the rest of the bridal party.

Other Etiquettes Concerning Flower Girl

The Role of Flower Girls

How old are flower girls supposed to be for a wedding will depend on how well you feel they can perform the task. The flower girl will often walk down the aisle after the ring bearer. This can be just before the maid of honor walks down the aisle, or just before the bride takes her walk down the aisle. Her main duty is to scatter rose petals along the bridle path. Traditionally, she does this with a basket full of rose petals, but this can be a basket of confetti or candies nowadays. She can also forgo the basket and instead blow bubbles as she walks down the aisle or tears petals from a single bloom or pomander.

Make the Flower Girl Job Easier

It can be a lot of pressure for a little girl to walk down the aisle all by herself with so many people's attention on her. You will want to have some tricks in mind to help keep your flower girl relaxed like followings.

  • Make sure she understands the duties well before she lines up to walk down the aisle. Parents should also be encouraged to give a positive pep talk and to rehearse.

  • Regardless of the question about "How old are flower girls", seat the parents at the front of the ceremony. This way the flower girl can focus on them, and the parents can give encouragement from their seats.

  • Try to include your flower girl in the bridesmaids' lunch or the bridal shower. This will allow them to become more comfortable with the rest of the bridal party and she will be more relaxed when she is around more familiar faces.

  • Practicing is highly encouraged. Ensuring the flower girl walks a steady pace down the aisle is going to be one of the more difficult challenges. To help her build confidence, flower girls should begin practicing walking down the aisle a few months prior to the wedding. You should also encourage her to count in her head if she seems to be starting too fast or too slow.

More Than One Flower Girl

Having more than one flower girl can actually be a much better idea. Not only do you get more petals along your bridal bath, but having the flower girls walk down the aisle side by side will give them more confidence. After you know the answer to "How old are flower girls", but you still can't find proper ones, you can choose to have more flower girls walk down the aisle together. In this way, they all stay together and will be more likely to follow each other down the aisle.