How Soon Should You Send Bridal Shower Invites?


If you have the duty of handling the bridal shower arrangements, there are a number of things you need to consider. You want to do your best to honor the bride in a special way and knowing how soon you should send bridal shower invites is important. Here you will find answers to many of the questions that will get your bridal shower invites out promptly.

How Soon Should You Send Bridal Shower Invites?

As soon as you know when, where and who will be invited to the bridal shower, you should send out the invites as soon as possible. If there are a number of guest on the invite list that are coming from out of town then you should send out the invitation, at least, two months prior, but earlier is even better. If most of the guests on the invite list are local, it can be around four to six weeks prior to the event date.

Figuring out the right time to send the bridal invitation can be a little of a challenge. If you send them too early, then many guests may forget about the shower. If you send them too late, then most of the guest may have already made other arrangements. As the hostess, you want to consider how many the guests on the invite list actually enjoy attending these types of events as well as how busy their schedule is. This will allow you to carefully plan out the right time to send out the invitations.

Once you have known "How soon should you send bridal shower invites", you'd better start to plan it in advance since having to work around multiple schedules can be a cumbersome task. You want to give the out of town guests plenty of time to make travel arrangements, but also remember that not everyone will be able to make it. The most important people you need to consider are the bride as well as the immediate family members.

Three More Common Concerns About Bridal Shower Invites

When to Schedule the Bridal Shower

One of the first concerns that should be addressed is when to plan for the bridal shower. This will obviously have a direct effect on how soon to send bridal shower invites. Most brides will have their shower eight to two weeks before the actual wedding day. Some brides may want to have the bridal shower fall in the middle of the engagement and wedding day time frame, which allows them to take a breather from all the planning and chaos. If you are a bride who is taking on the responsibility for planning the bridal shower, then the choice is completely up to you. If you have a maid of honor who is taking on this duty, then you may want to give her some options for when you would prefer to have the shower.

Who Should Be Invited to the Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers tend to be more intimate occasions where close friends and family member will shower the bride with plenty of gifts to help her start her new life as a married woman. So the guest list should include:

  • The bride bridal party

  • Bride's closest friends

  • Local family members of the bride and groom's family

Ask the bride for some suggestion of who she wants to be there when you start making the guest list. But, remember it is not polite to invite anyone to the bridal shower who is not invited to the wedding, so make sure you double check your list, so you won't unintentionally hurt anyone's feelings.

How to Write a Bridal Shower Invitations

After knowing "How soon should you send bridal shower invites", the next thing you need to consider is the wording. Most hostesses struggle with what to include in the shower invitations. Here are some of the main details you want to include in the bridal shower invitation.

  • Brides name

  • Groom's name (optional)

  • Date and time

  • Location

  • RSVP information

  • When to RSVP by

Some other details to consider:

  • Bridal registry

  • Shower theme (if there is one)

  • Wedding date

  • Host's name or names

  • Is it a surprise shower?

  • When is the bride expected to arrive?

If you need some inspiration you can refer to this traditional bridal shower invitation sample:

Join us for the bridal shower of

          BRIDE NAME

        DATE and TIME


         RSVP BY DATE


BRIDE NAME is registered at WEBSITE