How to Ask for Money for Wedding


Weddings are expensive and honeymoons are often delayed due to financial burdens that annoy newlyweds. On the other hand, they receive numerous gifts they either don't want or don't need on their wedding day. Why? Just because they were embarrassed to ask for cash. Knowing how to ask is half the battle won and the following tips will aid you in meeting those goals without offending anyone.

How to Ask for Money for Wedding

Honeyfund Registry

Rather than coming across as a greedy couple looking for dollars only, you can create a honeyfund registry. Make a list of your most desired items and your guests can choose which one they want to send you the cash for so that you can buy them or just send you the specific item you have wished for. They will be pleased because they picked out a gift you really want, or you are happy with the cash. Remember to send a thank you note later.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth remains the most effective method when wondering how to ask for money for wedding. Tell your bridesmaids and closest friends you are saving for a honeymoon or a home, and you would appreciate cash gifts over the typical china. Your family members can spread the word, too. This doesn't mean you omit the traditional wedding registries - it is simply another option for your guests.

Wedding Website

The problem can be easily solved by adding a simple tab on your wedding website. Most sites offer the option for a honeyfund listing where you can write a thoughtful or funny invitation to simply send money.

You can simply say you are saving for a home or to further your education. You can also get a few ideas for something a little more creative below.

Family and friends are the best gifts of all

This day will be filled with them at our ball

Now we are left with only one wish

To honeymoon on a beach a sail adrift

There's only one problem, we've run out of cash

A small knapsack of money would be a great gift.

This is another poem you can use to ask nicely with a smile.

A lavish wedding filled with love and kisses

That was the most important of wishes

Next is the honeymoon to share with my honey

But we might miss it because we've no money

In lieu of china, glasses or knives

Consider some cash to enhance our lives

Important Note

  • How to ask for money for wedding? No matter what methods you take, there's the one place you should never request money. Requesting cash on the invitation seems quite presumptive and may offend many people.

  • It might be easy to figure out how much cash is included, but remember the thought behind that matters. Always show your appreciation of it with thanks.

People's Experiences

People may have their own methods and opinions about how to ask for money for wedding. Learn from their experiences before you decide to choose one.

When we decided to get married, we had already lived together for some time. We simply didn't need any items to stock our shelves, so we decided to ask for cash. We just sent our invited guests a little note to share our feelings. It simply said we have everything we need, we hope they are not offended or see it as greed. But what we need most is to pay off our debts then save for the baby we've planned since we met, even the smallest cash gifts we'll welcome with thanks.