How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses


You have chosen your wedding dress and now you intend to choose the bridesmaids dress. Then you may find it can be expensive and intimidating, so here are a few proven suggestions to alleviate the stress and ensure all will be happy.

How to Choose Bridesmaid Dresses

Consider Your Style

What style is your wedding gown? Is it a themed wedding that would demand a specific flair? If not, try not to buy bridesmaid’s dresses that are more formal than your gown. Decide if you want their dresses to be like yours or stand out in their own way. For instance, if you are wearing a strapless gown perhaps, theirs could be a high thinly countered neck. If you don’t want frilly things, keep them all simple but elegant.

Thinks of Skin Tones

A light skinned person in a beige or neutral color almost disappears. Choose a color scheme that will compliment everyone in the wedding party wisely. They don’t have to be bright purple, but colorless dresses never make a big splash. If you find it hard to compliment everyone in one color, choosing more than one colors of bridesmaid dress is fine.

Weather Is Important

How to choose bridesmaid dresses depends on the climate. If you wedding falls within the winter or you live in a tropical climate, you should bare that in mind when selecting the fabric for your girls' dresses as well as your gown. You don’t want your bridesmaids shivering or soaked in perspiration. Long dresses in the summer are fine if the material is light weight and short dresses look stunning with a luxurious covering. Picturing a short dress with a fake fur wrap in winter would be elegant.

Body Shape Matters

It seems to be the most common error that one bridesmaid stands out because the dresses chosen are so uncomplimentary to her shape. You don’t want a baggy look, however, a fitted gown doesn’t work for everyone either. You may let the girls choose their own with a few parameters such as length, color, and necklines. They will be happier with the choice and they will all meld with your wedding style.

Cost Are Always a Consideration

The bridesmaids aren’t getting married, so their dresses should be moderately priced. The bridesmaids should be warned about the investment that goes along with honoring the bride. It can be quite costly and you don’t want to lose a friend over it. Suggest an upper limit. There are many beautiful dresses available for around $200.00, including alterations.

Don’t Procrastinate

Besides knowing how to choose bridesmaid dresses, another important one is when to do that. Usually, get an early start, early in the process and on the day of shopping. Go on a weekday if possible and make an appointment if you are all going to the same place. Trying on the gowns is the only way to see how they will look in the wedding. If everyone can’t make it, take a picture for them to use as an example.

Choose the Fabric

This can be tricky. You don’t want one too shiny or too dull. You don’t want one too heavyweight or too lightweight for the climate. Some fabrics are so still you feel like you can’t even move in them, so be thoughtful and explore all the possibilities, then find most suitable one for all of you.

Keep Open Communication

By asking your bridesmaids their opinions, they will feel how much you value your friendship. The final say is of course up to you, but be open to new ideas. Begin with telling them what you have planned and bring a picture of your wedding gown if they have not seen it. With this in mind, they may come up with few ideas about how to compliment with you. This should be another fun experience together.

Have Lingerie

Before getting to know how to choose bridesmaid dresses, this point should not be overlooked. An otherwise beautiful strapless dress loses its appeal when it is falling off the bridesmaid. The proper support in undergarments can be a lifesaver. The same with body shapers for those with a full figure, they can boost their self-confidence and make them appear firm and slim in their new gown. You can always talk to each bridesmaid separately so as not to embarrass them.