How to Choose Bridesmaids


Wedding planning can sometimes be a nightmare with large number of decisions to make. These includes the choice of the venue, the bridal dress, the type of material and color to go for the bridal dress and the bridal party, whom to invite, the cake among other details that make a wedding a success. During these, one important while hard one is the choice of the bridesmaids, because it is easy to get mixed up and irritated. Don't worry; with a quick guide here you will make a wise choice.

How to Choose Bridesmaids

The size and style of the wedding

When choosing the bridesmaids, the most important thing is the number. In most cases, formal weddings have a larger number of bridesmaids while informal weddings choose a smaller number of bridesmaids. While you can loosely interpret this rule, how you choose your bridesmaids must be proportional to the number of guests that you expect in the wedding.

Roles of the bridesmaids

How you choose the bridesmaids depends on the tasks that you would like them to do during the wedding planning and the actual day of the wedding. First, draft a list of the activities that the bridesmaids are supposed to do which include shopping for dresses, pre-wedding party events, sending out wedding invites, etc. Consider choosing a bridesmaid that has a flexible schedule that can be committed to avoid disappointments.

Reliability of the bridesmaids

It might sound rude to tell someone that they are not bridesmaid material, but it is one thing to think about the role of the bridesmaids in wedding planning, and it is another to have them accountable for the activities assigned to them. When choosing bridesmaids, consider people you know their reliability in fulfilling responsibilities. It is important that they are cooperative and motivated to offering you support and a shoulder to lean on when things get tough.

Their financial capability

You do not want to have a bridesmaid that is going to cost an arm and a leg or burden them additional finances. This is not to be considered in any way as bias and discrimination but rather a wise way of cutting down on costs. How to choose bridesmaids depends on your potential bridesmaids' financial stability.

Your family members

Choosing family members as bridesmaid is wise. While of course, you do not need to add every member of your big or small family, but at least have some representative(s) as your bridesmaid. This naturally makes the whole family feel like an important entity in your wedding.

Both genders

Bridesmaids are not limited to only the female gender! Despite the fact that most people often think that it’s a feminine role, you can include your male friends that you would like to be part of the bridal party and offer you their support. In this case, they are referred to as brides-man.

Avoid choosing brand bridesmaids

If your friends have always served as bridesmaids for over four times in a row, it is time to call it quits! This is because chances are that they are suffering from always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride syndrome. How to choose bridesmaids therefore needs to take into consideration their willing as to play the role or just attend as a guest. This is important to avoid burnouts.

Not need to ask them because they asked you as bridesmaid

This is one thing you must be aware before deciding who will be your bridesmaid. They might have asked you to be their bridesmaid because you were really close to each other at that time. But you really don't want to ask them to be in your wedding party because of that. You may have few connections with each other since her wedding, and in your special day, you surely want someone you feel close and easy to accompany you.