How to Choose Wedding Colours for Your Big Day


All the elements in a wedding, such as wedding apparel, decorations, invitations and floral arrangements, are heavily influenced by the colors. The wedding trousseau hues and the contemporary color selection for the wedding on the whole – whether bright, soft pastels or sheen tints, play an extremely important part in planning the wedding. Especially for a bride, having a dominant signature color for her wedding can be quite an important, but, time consuming process. If you want to know how to choose wedding colours for your special day and adopt them in your ceremony, then just keep on reading.

How to Choose Wedding Colours


Think About Your Wedding Venue

It is of extreme importance that you reckon with the wedding venue you have chosen. From beachfront to regal ballrooms, you must analyze the chosen venue and envision what kind of colors would suit the place. If the venue is already adorned in dark colors, then you have to be really careful choosing a subtle scheme that doesn't overpower the rest of the decoration. In short, choose colors for your venue which accentuates the place.


Consider Your Likings

Any wedding planner would ask you about what kind of wedding you want – because the wedding will reflect your personality. Be sure to tell the planner about which colors you don't like, so as to keep them out of your wedding color schemes. Also, you must inform about the colors you like and which particular colors you love the most. If you are not sure about it, here is a quick trick: The colors you've been using every day would be your favorites that you can consider.


Discuss With Your Groom

Although your groom would be least interested to discuss the color schemes for wedding, it is very important that you involve him in this task. Wedding is a special day for both the bride and the groom, so it is important that you incorporate his ideas as well. For example, if he loves gray or navy blue, then you wouldn't have to wonder much on how to choose wedding colours, simply because you can work in accordance to his color choices easily.


Get Motivated

Planning a wedding is a big task, so you have to stay alert and keep your eyes open to get motivation and ideas. Inspiration would be a driving force behind planning the entire ceremony, so you must make digital notes or maintain a scrapbook of things that inspire you. It could be prints, patterns, or colors you find on web, magazines or in your every day life. These ideas will help you bring about all the elements for planning your wedding.


Pick a Color Palette

If you are thinking of choosing more than a single color for your wedding, let us remind you that it is best to mix and match to see which combinations appeal to you the most. A monochromatic wedding will seem too dull, so it is best to play with colors and see what combination you can pick as your signature color palette. While choosing the color palette, remember that colors must be contrasting so that the scheme is balanced.


Remember the Season

Is it summer or fall when you're getting married? The color scheme should rather be inspired by the season as well. For example, coral, peach and golden shades suit the summer wedding. Whereas, crimson, cobalt, silver and gold are perfect for a winter wedding. However, it is not mandatory to choose colors based on season – you can choose anything that complements the season and your color scheme.


Create an Ambiance

Don't be afraid to think out of the box and get dramatic for your wedding. The question – how to choose wedding colours – is going to play an important role in creating an ambiance. The colors you pick will help you choose a particular theme that will let you set the mood and make your wedding substantially memorable. Remember, you would need creativity to put together the chosen colors for the entire experience.


Play With the Color Spectrum

One doesn't need to be an artist to choose perfect colors. All you need is a color wheel that let you compare the vast spectrum and see which colors pair well. Contrasting colors, i.e., a cool and warm color ideally suit each other. However, you can make your own color palette with a primary color – whether warm, cool, or a neutral color. In case you're confused, get suggestions from a decorator or your fashion savvy friend.


Don't Be Strict

You don't have to necessarily stick to a color palette. It's okay if things change during the course of your planning – all you need is to go with the flow. You need to be flexible and make room for improvement. You must not frantically ask your wedding planner for specific colors only. Instead, discuss with the planner on how you can choose different colors that synchronize well without looking odd.


Choose at Least Two Different Color Schemes

Picking two different color schemes will let you distinguish your wedding and reception venue, in case they are different. You can assimilate the color elements from both the schemes in your venues. Ask yourself this question – how to choose wedding colours that go well with both the venues. For example, wedding ceremony can follow the light color arrangement, whereas, the reception venue can get a bit dramatic with dark or bright color arrangement.