How to Choose Your Bridesmaids:12 Best Tips


Wedding preparation can sometimes be so overwhelming that a person may feel more stressed than happy! From selection of venue to food, dress to décor; everything can be very hectic, especially for the couple. But wedding is not only about material things. One of the most important things in any wedding is choosing your bridesmaids!

How to Choose Your Bridesmaids: Things to Consider

A bridesmaid is a girl who will be by your side on the biggest day of your life and you must choose her wisely. Deciding who is going to be a bridesmaid becomes more difficult when many of your friends and family members are anticipating to become one. Here’s how to make it easier:

Blood relation

If you are close to your sister or cousin sister then you should prioritize her. Limiting your bridesmaids to your family and close friend helps a great deal. Even if you don’t have much stronger relations with your sibling, chances are fair that you will become closer to them after some years.


The responsible one

A bridesmaid is like the bride’s right hand. She has to make arrangements from bridal shower to the main event and therefore she must be very responsible; someone who know her duties and how to fulfill the tasks properly.


Someone supportive

Your bridesmaid should be very supportive. Most importantly, she should definitely be a fan of your groom and feel totally confident on your decision for a lifelong relationship with him. Because if she is not fond of your fiancé and doesn’t support your marriage with him then she will not be a suitable choice at all!



Do consider your sister-in-law while choosing your bridesmaids. This will not only strengthen your relation with her but will also make your fiancé very happy with the fact that you are treating his family like yours.


Having two or more Bridesmaids!

It is totally fine if you have two BFFs and you want both of them to be your bridesmaid. But in that case you have to assign them their respective duties so that there is no quarrel on who will get to hold the ring or sign the license, etc.


No need of reciprocation

How to choose your bridesmaids? Do not choose someone as your bridesmaid just because they had chosen you as their bridesmaid. It’s not some favor or a dinner invitation that has to be reciprocated. It is the most important and stressful day of your life and you need someone with whom you are comfortable.


A Bridesman!

Your BFF is a guy? No problem! You can have a bridesman! It might seem very odd, especially your granny and aunt may not like this idea. But again it’s your day and you have every right to have it your way! These days it is seen that people are asking their opposite gender friends to be their bridesman or groomswoman and that is totally fine.


Do consider current situation

While brainstorming ideas on how to choose your bridesmaids, you must consider the current situation of your desired person. You and your friend are BFFs since childhood, know each other very well and you are very comfortable with her. A perfect candidate for bridesmaid! But she just had a baby and doesn’t even have time to scratch her head! She might agree to do the honors but it will be very difficult for her to do it with a little one! However, she will definitely give you moral support. Now you have to decide what you want? BFF who won’t be able to manage things for you or a person who will be able to handle everything like a champ!


Be clear about your expectations

Even though your bridesmaid knows you and your choices very well but it’s always better to make things clear. Just tell her straightforwardly what you are expecting from her so that you don’t have to face any disappointments.


Your bridesmaid’s financial status

Before asking your bridesmaid to get a designer outfit and shoes, you must consider her financial situation. Either consider someone for whom money won’t be an issue or share some of her expenses.


There are other options too

You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and there are lot of people willing to be your bridesmaids. Well there are other responsibilities too which will make them an important part of your special day. For example, ushers are required to lead the guests to their seats or assign someone to collect and keep the cash gifts safely for you.


Just follow your heart!

In the end the most important thing is what you really want! Despite all the rules and traditions what actually matters is your desires and happiness. You are making memories so make it a happy one! The way you want it to be!

How Many Bridesmaids Should I Have?

Besides how to choose your bridesmaids, a question that pops in mind is how many bridesmaids should be in a wedding? There is no fixed digit! Number of bridesmaids depends upon certain factors, such as:
  • How big your wedding is: Your number of bridesmaids will depend upon your total number of guests. For a huge wedding the number of bridesmaids can be greater but for smaller one you have to limit the number. For example, you can’t have 10 bridesmaids if your total number of guests are only 50.

  • Your fiancé’s opinion: It doesn’t matter if you have more bridesmaids than groomsmen but it’s better to ask your guy what he wants. Take his opinion as well on number of attendants in your wedding.

  • Too many are not good: Although you have lots of sisters and lots of BFFs from your school, college or work and you want all of them to be part of your big day! However, having too many bridesmaids won’t be a good idea as there will be too many opinions for every single thing and that will create confusions and arguments as well.

HERE is the complete guide on the number of bridesmaids to have at your wedding.