How to Clean Diamond Rings – A Step by Step Guide


Your engagement ring is likely to be one of your most prized possessions. Not under lock and key but rather, you wear the symbol of commitment and love on your fingers every day. However, this means that the ring and its precious stone also go through some wear and tear, leading up to a dull accessory. Read our guide on how to clean diamond rings to bring back the luster of love on your engagement symbol!

How to Clean Diamond Rings – A Step by Step Guide

How to clean a diamond ring? The procedure must be gentle. We have all heard that diamonds are the strongest gemstone, but that doesn’t mean we should not continuously protect and care for the precious stone. The key is to not be abrasive, find natural or mild solutions to taking off the grime on the ring.

STEP ONE: Soak the Ring

The first step would be to get something to melt the grime off of the ring gently. We need a good solution to dissolve the dirt hiding in the nooks and crannies of the ring. Harmful germs could be hiding within your precious treasure! Loosening the dirt off the ring should also be given time to complete.

Prepare 1 cup of warm water mixed with ¼ cup of ammonia. Then, gently drop a ring into the solution. Keep the chemical level to a minimum, so leave the ring in there for about 20 minutes, but not any longer.

STEP TWO: Scrub the Ring

Now the preparation is over, we move on to how to clean diamond rings. Take the soapy ring, and gently scrub the different crevices inside the ring.

The best tool to use for this cleaning is a toothbrush. Its gentle bristles that are slim enough to fit in the nooks and crannies. The size is also perfect and it lets you hold the ring in one hand while you brush away with the other.

STEP THREE: Rinse the Ring

The rinsing needs to be thorough, because leaving soap residue on your ring can actually harm it.

Use warm water to rinse all the soap off. Make sure that the water runs through the entire ring for good measure.

STEP FOUR: Dry the Ring

Congratulations! You finished cleaning your ring. Ensure to use a proper method to dry the jewelry off. The best way is to use an air-drying method. There is no need to subject the jewelry to heat or a harsh rubbing. Leave on a towel or a tissue to absorb the moisture on the ring.

Another thing to take note of is the routine and consistency of cleaning. There should be a good balance between having the ring on and cleaning it again. Now you know how to clean diamond rings, just follow this procedure, you can be assured that you will face every day with a bright sparkling ring, feeling just like the day you were proposed to! How romantic!