How to Decorate a Large Hall for a Wedding


A large wedding space can offer a number of photo opportunities, especially when the space is an extravagant mansion, castle or historic country house, but this can hinder your creativity to bring your own style to the space. Most weddings will incorporate floral arrangements to decorate a large space because they are the easiest option. But, with a large space, you can have many more creative options than just flowers.

How to Decorate a Large Hall for a Wedding


A Welcoming First Impression

When you are planning out to decorate a large hall for a wedding, make a lasting first impression. Here are some recommendations: decorative touches to the front door with a beautiful floral wreath arrangement, stylish lanterns hanging from the trees outdoors, accent lighting on table tops with colorful candles and other small details to create a warm and welcoming environment, etc.


Pay Attention to Hallway

Most often, the hallway leading into the reception space is overlooked in the decorating plan, but it actually can be a great place to enhance the theme or style of your wedding. Floral garland and trellises are stunning additions to the hallways. Use your favorite flower to line the hallway is also a good idea.


Don't Forget to Look Up

Ceilings can often be a focal point and sometimes they will make the hall empty and unappealing. An easy way to cover up the ceiling is by adding draped fabric or greenery. If possible, add in strands of hanging lights when paired with a darker sheer fabric, thus you can be left with a display that resembles the night sky.


From Ceiling to Floor

Sometimes the floor of a venue can be really unsightly with its outdated carpet patterns, so there is no reason to ignore it. Floors can be covered up with rental carpets and parquet wooden floors. You will most likely have tables in your reception area as well, so you will only need to cover enough of the floor to hide the awful carpet, the tables and chairs will hide a majority of the rest.


Blank Space

Large open blank spaces can add difficulty in how to decorate a large hall for a wedding. Filling this space may add up in your wedding budget, but you can't miss it. Look into renting various antique furniture or searching out a prop company. Consider collecting a variety of mirrors to line the walls and fill empty bookcases or shelves with little details like candles, flowers or picture of the newlyweds.


Add Some Variety with Your Tables

Seating options can vary in your floor plan, while long banquet tables can be ideal for a family style setting in which you can get more creative table choices. Instead of just sticking to one size and shape for every table, go with a mix of round and square tables. It will add variety to your large space and can help you create a more unique and comfortable seating plan.


Give the Chairs a Makeover

It is not uncommon for chairs to be covered up at many receptions, but you can do a lot with these covers beside a plain, simple white or black chair cover. Use fabrics that fit your wedding colors or add some pops of color that can be draped around the chairs. Include silk flowers, tulle and leafy accents to the back of chairs to really wow your guests.


Set the Mood with Lights

Lights can really enhance your wedding theme and the possibilities are endless when you incorporate them into your decorations. Invite your guests into your reception with a warm light bouncing of the walls. As the night progresses, you can flood the walls with colorful light that change throughout the evening. Make use of light wisely as this can create different moods through the celebrations.


Give the Illusion of a Smaller Space

If you think the room may end up feeling too big, which can take away from the intimate atmosphere you are longing for, give the illusion that it is smaller. Lining the edge of the rooms with potted plants and miniature trees will not only create a fairytale garden indoors but will make the room seem smaller and less intimidating.


Creative Divides

Instead of focusing on how to decorate a large hall for a wedding, section the room to smaller spaces. Dividing up your large hall is one of the easiest ways to not only add in little surprises throughout the evening, but can get you more out of your space. Use satin curtains or decorative screens to divide the space into a dinner area, drink area and dance area.


Play with Texture

A large space can often lead to a very static environment. One way to make an impact and break up the solid boring lines of a large reception area is to add in texture. Bamboo shoots or decorative tree branches arranged in a clear vase or grapevines dressed in lights can make your space more interesting and appealing to the senses.


Restroom Should Not Be Overlooked

You will not have to go all out on the bathroom decorations, but you will want to add some decorative details there. Place baskets of flowers, a fresh smelling bouquet, little customized soap bars, or perfume bottles to spruce up the bathroom.


Get Creative

One of the best ways you can make a lasting impression with your wedding decorations is to simply think outside the traditional box. Get creative in the little touches such as the escort card holders or centerpieces. Use alternates to traditional vases such as baskets or unique small lawn ornament pots, tea tines or tine cans.


Consider Locations

Large spaces can lead to your guest having to travel long distances to get from one area to the next and this can also affect the catering services. Be aware of where you place tables in accordance with where the kitchen is, the restroom is. Place the DJ where he can be seen and heard easily by all your guests.


The Bridal Table

The bridal table is typically the center of attention, so why not make it so. One thing to consider in planning out how to decorate a large hall for a wedding is how far away the bride and groom will be from the rest of the guests. You definitely want to keep everyone included in your celebration! Just moving the bridal table in the center with the other tables around it will keep you closer to your guests and makes for a unique floor plan.