How to Decorate Your Wedding Tables


Weddings are not that simple nowadays as they used to be once. It would be more preferable to call them “designer weddings”. In a designer wedding, every thing falls under a particular theme and color. A color coordinated wedding, can be made more glamorous and luxe by artfully involving each and every thing that exists in the given space, including the wedding furniture particularly the wedding tables. Wedding tables can be used for functional as well as decorative purpose. You yourself can do a lot in this regard by following some simple ideas for wedding tables decoration.

How to Decorate Your Wedding Tables

Here’s how to decorate the wedding tables using trendy decoration techniques and accessories. There are so many items available in the market that can further enhance the elegance of the wedding tables.

Suitable Shapes and Arrangements of Wedding Tables

A. First of all go for small banquet tables more preferably in oval or round shapes. Use of oval or round shaped tables not only create a more classy view but are also less spacy in comparison to the rectangular wedding tables.

B. Use of banquet tables is the righteous choice when it comes to filling the large and spacious marriage hall elegantly. Arrange the banquet tables in close groups as sitting in clusters makes socializing easy and you can have more fun time with the loved ones all around.

C. Arranging a buffet table skillfully is also an art. Avoid arranging buffet tables in a simple straight line as it will give a very robotic look to the event. There are so many options to choose from. You can arrange buffet table in U-shape, X-shape, T-shape, H-shape, 8- shape and many more.

D. The area of head table or the cake table is of great importance. The background of it should be decorated with utmost care and skill as it will be the most commonly snapped area of the whole space.


Wedding Table Covers And Linens

White is the most commonly used and trendy color for wedding table linen. Choose from the plain white fabric, laced one or the patterned one. The choice is yours. There are so many elegant and high quality linens available for wedding table décor like silk, satin, tulle and organza. They all look awesome. You can further accentuate the decoration by using beautiful table runners, (available in varied styles and colors) ribbons or table linen napkins of silk or satin.

This is not it. The edges of the table can also be decorated with unique decorating concepts like table scallop, table cloth skirting or table draping. All these trendy wedding accessories will beauty the white table cover.


Sprinkling and Scatters

How to decorate your wedding tables using wedding accessories? With a little bit of sprinkling on the linen cloth, you can add color and life to the table.

  • To sprinkle, you can use confetti, glitter or colored gems in accordance with the theme color of the wedding. Using flower petals or rose buds is another traditional but cool idea.

  • Dry leaves can also be used to sprinkle specially in a fall season wedding.

  • Scattering tiny sea shells on the table is yet another unique idea.

  • Crystal gem scatters to fill that gap and to add a sparkling glamour at the same time.


Choosing the Right Centerpieces

A centerpiece is the most prominent and eye catching item on any wedding table. There are so much options to choose from. Centerpieces are available in long and short sizes and in a wide range of colors. A wedding table centerpiece can be a flowerpot with small lights in it.

You can go for the unique ideas like edible centerpieces where edible items like colorful fruits and vegetables can be presented in creative shapes and cuttings.


Hot Air Balloon Counterpieces

You can create various styles of hot air balloon counter pieces on the wedding table. These hot air balloons can be tied with ribbon or a string net. Tie the hot air balloon with small baskets. You can keep flowers in these baskets. Follow the theme (if any) color in choosing the balloons and flowers.


Use of Branches as Counterpieces

Equal sized branches can be designed to use as the main counterpiece on the table. These branches can be sprayed with silver or golden hues.Or you can cover the base of these branches with flowers. Whatever suits the theme of the wedding. If you have a night function, small led lights can be utilized in these branches or small transparent baskets can be hanged as containers to carry the candles. Both ways it would look romantic and phenomenal.


Plant Centerpiece with Candles

How to decorate your wedding tables if you are a nature lover? You must try candle centerpiece planter or a plant center piece. You can choose many eyecatching and colorful plants or one big well trimmed plant as the centerpiece of the wedding table. Use of candles with it would add glamour to this simple technique. Using a plant as a table centerpiece is best option in summer weddings. As it will give you a refreshingly cool sensation.



  • Embellishing a table with table wedding lights is the most recent and trendy way. The best way of using these lights is to keep the hall in dim light mode. The glowing tables would create a spell binding environment.

  • The flower pots on the head table can also be decorated with small lights. This is not all. Other light sources like candles or tea lights can also be the right choice.


LED Branches

LED branches are one of the most cost effective way of adding a sparkling splendor to your wedding table. You can easily shape up these battery operated plugin LED branches the way you like, as these are made up of easily bendable wires wrapped inside a plastic covering. These are totally harmless so no security issues at all.


Classy Wedding Tableware

How to decorate your wedding tables? Wedding tableware should be of high class. Choose the color for cutlery and plate napkins that suits the wedding theme. China cutlery is also a good choice. It’s both elegant and classy. Uniquely designed place cards would complete the whole wedding table look.


Burlap Table Runner

Burlap table runner is the most trendy one. Its considered best for the day time outdoor weddings. It will give your wedding table a country style look. You can use a burlap table runner in many ways. It can be tied, stretched and even painted in your themed color. That is another unique idea in itself.


Sequined Table Runners

Wanna feel the grandeur and extravagance like a duchess on your wedding day? Add the glitz and shimmer of a sequined table runner. Beautifully crafted with dazzling shimmery fabric, these wedding table runners are also quite affordable. Available in so many hues, you can buy them online too.


Botanical Garden Wedding Theme

This type of wedding decor is perfect for outdoor weddings particularly in some garden area. Small wedding decoration accessories like napkin rings can be made from tangled roots, well shaped branches can be used to make counterpieces.


Adding Colors to Your Table

How to decorate your wedding tables if your wedding is theme oriented then the wedding tables should also be enlivened with the themed hues. Do not get restricted to flowers only. There is a wide range of colorful glassware and glass vases. Colored glass vases can be filled with flowers and candles both. Its a great option to think about.


Crystal Pedestals

Crystal pedestals can also be a great option for a classy and glamorous wedding table. Crystal pedestals are available in various sizes, colors and designs. All you have to do is to choose the best suited for your special day. Round banquet tables and each table has a promising crystal pedestal is a great idea.