Getting Clear Skin Naturally Overnight in 12 Steps


Wedding bells will be ringing soon, with all other preparations, a bride’s skin should be photo-ready and as clear as the skin of a child. It’s pretty good if you have been following some beauty care regimen, weeks and months before your big day. What if you are not? As you are pressed for time, getting clear skin naturally overnight becomes a big issue. No worries! Here are some beauty tips to get drop-dead gorgeous skin before wedding.

Tips for Getting Clear Skin Overnight


Beauty Sleep for Clear Skin

A regular beauty sleep is just not the answer. Wash your skin off all the impurities and makeup before going to bed. Otherwise you may face consequences in the form of breakouts, clogging of skin pores and wrinkles, in the long run. The best way is to remove the makeup with some dermatologist recommended makeup remover and prefer washing your face with hands. Those using wash cloths may harbor bacteria-related issues.


Five-Step Beauty Regimen for Bride!

Being a bride-to-be, these five steps should be a part of your daily bedtime regimen. 

  • Rinse your skin well

  • Apply some glow-boosting toner (that matches your skin type) liberally with the help of cotton pad

  • Followed by the application of an anti-aging serum

  • Then opt for some scientifically advanced overnight repair and spot treatment

  • Lastly, put on some refreshing moisturizer (of your skin type) for keeping skin hydrated. The formula guarantees a glowing and kissable skin.


List off Some Miraculous Ingredients!

When you are planning on getting clear skin naturally overnight, do not forget to tick off various proven ingredients. Retinol is used as an anti-aging ingredient. It accelerates the skin cell’s activity, resulting in glowing skin with minus fine lines. Using peptides can also work wonders by restoring collagen quantity in the skin and making it look younger and firmer. Lastly, if you have any type of skin damage, using anti-oxidants regularly may reverse the damage.


No Compromise on Sleep!

That eight hours’ regular sleep is what you can never skip. Not even if you tend to use your mobile phone to release the wedding stress. The blue light of your mobile, as research proves, may badly affect your sleep. It stops the production of melatonin (sleep inducing hormone). So it’s better to switch your phone off before going to bed. Lack of sleep may result in dark circles and puffy eyes which would not look good on a bride.


Protection of Face Masks

Regular use of deep cleansing face mask is the best option to get an even toned and smooth skin. You do not need to spend a lot on buying the ones with expensive price tags. DIY can also give you the best results. 

  • Mixing yogurt with strawberries makes a super-enriched face mask.

  • Clay mask or oatmeal mask (cooked oatmeal, lemon, eggs) are equally glow boosting and also work as exfoliators. Its regular application on the face, fights clog pores and other skin blemishes.


Sudden Breakouts!

Getting clear skin naturally overnight is not the only issue. Sudden pimples can also ruin your day. The first thing to do is to avoid picking them. It may leave permanent scars on your face. What should be done? It’s better to cover the affected area with aloe Vera juice or gel for about an hour and let it dry. Rinse it well with slightly warm water. Benzoyl peroxide gel can be dabbed over it. Non-gel tooth paste covering may also relieve a sudden pimple.


Pre-wedding Facials

Getting weekly or monthly facial massages from your aestheticians would not only improve your face’s blood circulation but it adds a healthy glow to it. Extractions are a good way to deeply purify your skin. It’s better to get it done from some expert’s hand. Doing it at home may cause serious issues like scarring.


Water Intake!

Consuming water is something that should be followed regularly. Other than drinking 7 to 8 glasses of water per day, juicy food items like water melon, grapefruit, pineapple, broccoli, tomato and lettuce are best to keep your skin hydrated and help producing healthy skin cells. Even cucumber is highly-enriched with vitamin C, which is great for a healthy skin. Of all other expensive treatments and procedures, it is best to make these all-natural ingredients, a part of your daily diet.


Steam Facials

Steam facial is the best way to get a rejuvenating and revitalizing feel. Hold your head and face, covered with a towel, over a bowl of hot water. The steam will deeply open all the clogged pores and cleanse the skin to the inner most layer. For best results, follow the same procedure with a face mask.


Go Out Less and Reduce Damage

Whatever you go through whole day, would ultimately affect your body and skin. While you are sleeping, your skin is constantly at work on repairing the damages, resulted from whole day’s pollution, dust and exposure to sun. To get the desired overnight results, minimize your outdoor activities as much as possible weeks before marriage. And do not forget to apply some high-quality SPF sunscreen before going anywhere. Even if it's cloudy out there!


Do Not Forget the Elbows!

Most of the brides-to-be keep their focus fixed on their faces. As brides are worried with the issues like getting clear skin naturally overnight? So a body part like elbow is fully ignored. Elbows should also be scrubbed regularly with some nice product rich with moisturizing agents. Putting glycogen peel on your elbows, each time you go to your beautician is yet another healthy idea. A weekly bath with salts and sodium bicarbonate may help removing the dry patches on the elbow.


What about the Big, Deep Pores?

Many girls have comparatively bigger and deeper pores. These pores are always weirdly visible on the face. And when it comes to wedding, these big pores may actually ruin your wedding photographs. The depth of these pores is the actual reason of their visibility. What you can really do is to go for ‘Microdermabrasion’. It’s a procedure that actually minimizes the depth of the pores and makes them look smaller.