How to Iron Polyester Tablecloth


A table’s elegance is increased manifolds by a tablecloth that is set perfectly upon it. Tablecloths are normally made of synthetics like polyester, cotton, linen or silk. This article talks about how to iron polyester tablecloth so that they can make your wedding all the more elegant!

How to Iron Polyester Tablecloth

Creases are unavoidable with folded tablecloths. Washing the tablecloths and then drying them does remove a few wrinkles but does not make the tablecloth entirely crease-free. Ironing the polyester tablecloth can help greatly but it should be kept in mind that ironing can shrink it or even burn it in case it isn’t done correctly. So follow this step-by-step guide on how to iron polyester tablecloth.

  1. ŸUse warm water to wash the tablecloth.

  2. ŸPut the tablecloth in your dryer next.

  3. As soon as the dryer stops, take out the tablecloth and straighten it out. Afterwards, hang it on a chair so that the creases can settle themselves. Leave the tablecloth hanging for around four hours and then see if there are any wrinkles. If yes, you should read the next step on how to iron polyester tablecloth.

  4. Put the tablecloth over its backside on your ironing board and then spray water lightly over it.

  5. Put a small piece of a plain cotton fabric like a pillowcase over the tablecloth.

  6. ŸSet your iron on the setting for synthetic fiber and iron out any remaining wrinkles on the tablecloth. Make sure that you spray water lightly over each section before you iron it.

People's Experiences About Wrinkling Out Polyester Tablecloth

There are other ways of removing wrinkles from a polyester tablecloth and if you don’t want to risk washing and drying the tablecloth too many times, you can learn from people's experience below.

Using Steaming Iron from Annie

At home, I usually use my steaming iron for removing wrinkles from a tablecloth. 

  1. Pick up a number of bath towels and spread them across your dining table.

  2. Put your creased tablecloth over the towels. Put distilled water in your iron and then set it to "synthetic fiber" (

    If the tablecloth is made from cotton or lace, make sure that you put a press cloth between the iron and the tablecloth).

  3. Steam the cloth slowly by pressing the steaming iron’s button.

  4. Make sure that you continue to fill distilled water during the process.

Using a Hand-Held Steamer from Fae

Want to know how to iron polyester tablecloth? Usually, I will use my hand-held steamer in the following way. It's convenient and effective.

  1. Pull the shower curtain in your bathroom to one side and then place bath towels along its length.

  2. Put the tablecloth over this shower curtain and then secure it using clothespins.

  3. Take your hand-held steamer and fill it with distilled water before heating it up to the level the manufacturer recommends for the tablecloths fiber content.

  4. Move the hand-held steamer over the tablecloth closely but don’t touch it with the steamer.

  5. Once the front side has been steamed, turn it over and repeat the same process again.

  6. Once you are done, put the tablecloth over your dining table immediately. Use the steamer in places where the wrinkles still remain.