How to Make a Wedding Bouquet


Your wedding day signals the beginning of your road to forever. But while you may already have the best team to arrange your ceremony, adding a personal touch on even the smallest details of your wedding can make your day even more treasurable. Trust us, even the most expensive flowers couldn’t replace a wedding bouquet you have specifically made for your big day. The only question is, how to make a wedding bouquet?

Why Turn to a DIY Bouquet

A DIY bouquet can really add sparks on your wedding day since it can be a representation of who you are as a bride. Unlike just leaving it all to your florists, you can gain numerous advantages from creating your own bouquet of flowers.

  • Budget-Friendly: We all know that getting married often means a long list of bills. But hey, you don’t really have to go overboard on your expenditures especially if you still have enough time to become more pro-active in your wedding-day preparations. By creating your own wedding bouquet, you are also enabling yourself to cut on your labor expenses. All you need to do is simply to buy the materials from your suppliers and voila, and you can create your own budget-friendly fix.

  • Flexible: A lot of people ask me how to make a wedding bouquet, and the truth is, it’s not as difficult as it may seem. The best part is, you can be your own boss when it comes to floral arrangements like this. DIY bouquets won’t only trim down your expenses, but it also allows you to express yourself through the flowers you created. Gone are the days when you are limited to white roses, because you can definitely have fun with the colors and the flower preferences as you make your own bouquet.

How to Make a Wedding Bouquet: A Step-by-Step Guide

Plan Your Wedding Bouquet

Making your own bouquet is no different from building your dream house. But while a floral blueprint is not necessary anymore, it is crucial that you write down a definite plan and decide on the flowers and the primary color you would use. This way, you will be able to save time, money and energy since you already have a design in mind. If you are not quite sure on how to get started, below are some of the considerations you need to make:

  • Flower Color: Many brides choose shades of pink, peach and white, but you can always steer clear from classical finds and experiment on the colors of the flowers you would use.

  • Primary Flowers: Choosing a primary flower is crucial as this will highly influence your budget. To cut on your expenses, choose flowers that are within season. Also, you can also pick secondary flowers to add flavor to your wedding bouquet.

  • Size: You don’t want your bouquet to either be too small or too big. Typically, a bridal bouquet ranges from 8 to 13 inches.

Prepare the Flowers

Bouquet arrangements are ideally done 3 hours prior to the wedding. To set the flowers, use a stem stripper to get rid of unwanted thorns, stem foliage and petals. Cut down around 2 inches of the stems and soak it underwater. Make sure that the stems aren’t too short so you can work with them later with ease. You can always make the necessary adjustments as you work your way on your bouquet. If you aren’t going to make the arrangements yet, continue to soak the stems of the flowers under cool water.

Arrange the Flowers

There are no fast rules when it comes to DIY flower arrangements since you are setting your bouquet based on your own preferences. But if you have no idea on how to make the most out of your bouquet, it is best that you position the 4 largest primary flowers on the center.

Bind the Stems

Use a floral tape to bind the stems on the point where they cross. Typically, this is about 3 inches below the blossoms. Then, add the other flowers evenly around the primary flowers. If you have secondary flowers, it is best that you play with the colors and the varieties. This is basically the part when you have to unleash your creativity to make sure your bouquet would look its best.

Make the Final Floral Touches

Take a closer look at the bouquet and get rid of some of the unattractive petals. Also, you can reposition the flowers that aren’t secured yet if you aren’t satisfied with how it looks like. Play with the bouquet and have fun with it.

Decorate the Handle

After securing all the stems with a flower tape, reach out for your ribbon and cut it at a length that’s three-folds longer than the stems.

  • For the bow approach, simply tie a bow around the flowers and make sure that no floral tape is visible.

  • For the spiral approach, on the other hand, weave down the ribbon until the stem’s end and secure your ribbon with pins.

  • For a classier touch, choose pins with beads or pearls.

Then, cut the excess stems evenly.

Now that you have read a step-by-step guide on how to make a wedding bouquet, there is no doubt that the flowers you would use would look as beautiful as you. Just remember to have fun and always choose elements that will reflect your personality.