How to Make an Infinity Dress – A Step by Step Guide


Infinity dresses are the queens of versatility with the fitting slogan: ‘one dress, 10+ ways to wear it’. Basically, an infinity dress is just what its name suggests – a garment that allows you to customize it in a diverse range of ways and styles, which is why they are a super popular choice among bridesmaids and brides. Whether you want to learn how to make an infinity dress to wear on your friend’s big day while fulfilling your bridesmaid duties or you simply want to have world’s most versatile clothing item in your closet, you’ll be glad to know that creating it from scratch is not that terribly difficult. Here is a breakdown of the process:

How to Make an Infinity Dress – A Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Grab Your Tools

As expected, you'll need a few items before getting crafty, so make sure you've gathered all these elements in your working space:

  • A sewing machine or, even better, an overlock machine – make sure that it has a setting for stretch fabrics, as that is what you'll be working with.

  • Fabric – go for Lycra or Jersey, and make sure they are stretchy. Your fabric should ideally double its length when stretched – purchase at least 5.5 yards of fabric.

  • Fabric scissors

  • Thread in the same color as your fabric

  • Measuring tape

  • Tracing paper

  • Pins and tape

Step 2 – Write Down Your Measurements

When you’re on a mission to learn how to make an infinity dress, a little help may be needed at times. Ask a friend to help you get yourself measured – here's what you'll need:

  • Bust measurement

  • Waist measurement

  • Boobtube measurement – from the neckline down t you waist, you can go for more or less coverage

  • Length of the skirt (from your waist until your knees or wherever else you desire)

  • Width of the strap and length of the strap, depending on the look you're going for. In order to obtain the strap length number, you need to multiply your own height by 1.5.

Step 3 – Trace and Cut Your Patterns & Your Fabric

Grab your tracing paper and based on your measurements, trace the outline of your future dress, piece by piece – basically, you will have 3 different patterns: the skirt, the boob tube and the straps.

The Circle Skirt

  • Divide your waist measurement number by 6.28 in order to obtain the radius of your skirt

  • Grab a string and cut it to your obtained radius measurement + 1 inch you will need to tie around a pencil

  • Grab a pencil and tie your string to it

  • Hold the loose string and draw a semi-circle on your paper

  • Repeat the exact same procedure in order to draw the arc representing your waist measurement plus the length of the skirt

  • Cut your paper in order to obtain a fourth of your circle skirt

  • Fold your fabric in 4 layers, place the paper on top and cut the circle skirt

The Tube

There are various methods when it comes to how to make an infinity dress – while some include the tube part for extra coverage, others forgo this step altogether.

  • Draw your length measurement

  • Trace the trapeze shape of your tube, keeping in mind that the lower arc has to be equal with the skirt's radius, as they will be attached

  • Leave an inch for seams or even more to make sure you won't get a too-tight tube

  • Place the cut paper on folded fabric and cut accordingly

The Straps

  • Trace your strap measurements on the sewing paper (width and your height multiplied by 1.5)

  • Place your paper on top of your fabric and secure it with pins or tape, then cut

Step 4 – Onto the Sewing!

  • Pin your dress together using pins

  • Overlap your straps just a little when pinning them to the skirt

  • Opt for small pleats in the straps if necessary

  • Do no stretch the fabric during the sewing process

  • Sew the tube last by using the "cut" function in case you use an overlock machine

Here is a video to help you better understand the whole process:

Learning how to make an infinity dress can be a great asset when it comes to saving money – firstly, because the costs are not that high, and secondly because it’s a piece you can wear in so many styles that it’s almost like owning 10+ different dresses! Go for a matte, solid color on your first try (black is always the top choice), then go wild with a print if you must. There are various suggestions out there on how to wear this magical dress, but you should definitely explore and experiment when it comes to finding just the right style for your body shape. And in case you are a future bride waiting to dress up her bridesmaids in this versatile number, a great advantage is the fact that each bridesmaid can pick a different style – this way, they will look coordinated, yet not predictably similar.