How to Make Barefoot Sandals – 3 Popular Styles


Beach weddings are magical and full of charm – from the romantic sea breeze to the warm sand under your feet and from the smell of the ocean to the wind in your hair, nature’s elements are working in your favor. With the right dress (lightweight, with great movement, airy and non-constrictive) and the right accessories (barefoot sandals, pearls and seashell pins), your look won’t even require that much hassle. And now’s the right time to learn how to make barefoot sandals. Don’t worry  there are lots of ways out there and lots of methods to help you make these bohemian accessories, and we picked the easiest and fastest ways to make gorgeous sandals.

The Easy, 5 Minutes Barefoot Sandals

Let’s start from the easiest style and build our way up! Dear future bride, meet the effort-free sandals that will only take about 5 minutes of your time to create. They need to be made on the spot, so there will be nothing to do in advance besides finding your fabric and cutting two long strings. Follow these instructions for the best results and enjoy your pretty footwear:

  • Grab your fabric: a stretchy knit works best, in any color you desire (go fancy with a stretchy metallic!)

  • Start by cutting a log strip of your fabric

  • Tuck the string under your second toe

  • Twist the string on top of your foot around 4 times

  • Go behind the ankle, then bring it back to the front

  • Tie it up with a simple knot or a bow

The Sexy Chain Barefoot Sandals

A beach wedding can be many things – from elegant and posh, where you’d expect your guests to still wear their best fancy attire, to bohemian and effortless. And what goes better with a boho bridal dress than some equally hippie-like sandals? Check out these sexy chain ones, perfect for an airy and light wedding dress. Here are the tools you’ll need if you want to learn how to make barefoot sandals:

  • Silver or gold metal chains

  • Metal beads

  • Charm beads

  • A lobster-type hook

  • Pliers

  • Jump rings

  • Measuring tape

And the method:

  • Create a 3-layered anklet and secure it with a lobster clasp hook – the top and bottom layers should be slightly longer than the middle one

  • Form a banana shape and start attaching your pendants on the bottom chain

  • Cut a 9 cm chain, then 2 x 10 cm chains and attach them to your anklet as pictured, then add an extra pendant

  • Create the toe ring as pictured

  • Attach some beads to the other chains for extra bling

The No Sew, Glittery Baby Sandals

What would be the cutest thing your flower girl or your baby niece could wear on your beach wedding day? The answer is more than obvious: barefoot baby sandals! But even though this design looks best on little kids, you’ll be happy to know that in case you’ve got barefoot baby sandals envy, you can adjust this technique and make a pair of these glittery lovelies for yourself too! With easy instructions on how to make barefoot sandals like these, we’re kind of betting that you’ll want to make them for the entire family! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Fold-over elastic  go for the softest kind for extra comfort for the little chubby baby feet

  • Glitter ribbon  and if you're no fan of glitter, any type of ribbon, really

  • Hot glue gun  that's right, no sewing needed!

And the method:

  • Cut your elastic at about 8 inch for a baby and 10 inch for a small child  just enough to go around the ankle and the bottom of the foot

  • Form a Z shape with your elastic

  • Glue the top of the Z to the middle of the piece

  • Now glue the bottom end over the top piece, by forming an 8 shape

  • To make the bow, create a loop and secure it with hot glue

  • Create the bow shape with your loop and glue a small strip around its center

  • Create two pointed strips and glue them under the bow, on the elastic

And there you have it! The easiest guides to the fastest (and hottest) beach sandals  grab your tools and our how to make barefoot sandals guide and enjoy the process, as well as the lovely results, not to mention the feel of warm and smooth sand under your feet.