How to Pick Wedding Rings


Choosing the perfect wedding rings can be a stressful task, since you will be wearing it for the rest of your life and you just want to find perfect ones. With the right amount of knowledge, backed with the excitement of marrying the person of your dreams, this can be a highly enjoyable process. Here, we'll give you tips for picking wedding rings that will not only match your style and personality but also your budget!

How to Pick Wedding Rings


Start with the shape

The shape of the stone refers the actually geometrical shape, which is often confused with the cut that refers to the angles in the stone. Before you consider anything else, like the color, clarity or even carat, you need to know what shape your fiancée will love!


Choose the setting

The setting is the metal framework where the stone will be mounted. Do you go with a bezel setting for the classic round stone or a four prong setting for an oval cut shape? You need to consider which setting is better suited for the shape you choose, getting this combination right will make all the difference.


Know her style

While some couples will go ring shop together, others like to surprise their significant partner with perfect ring. You can ask for help from friends and family, but you will want to be taking notes on the jewelry she wears yourself. Pay attention to the color of metal she tends to wear, as well as the style, such as vintage pieces or classic pieces.


Consider the metal

There a few options you have to know how to pick wedding rings band. Platinum is a popular choice because it is hypoallergenic and extremely durable, making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin. Gold is another popular option that can come in white, yellow rose and green gold. Another less known option is palladium. This is a grayer metal that is a mixture of gold and platinum.


Choose the stones

Chances are the ring will be custom built for you and this means you will be choosing the stones separately as opposed to buying the completed ring you see on display. The stones are what makes up most of the cost for the wedding rings and you want to find the most stunning one that fits in your budget. The jeweler can usually assist you in what to look for to find the right stone.


Stay in your budget

Typically, the wedding rings would cost at least two months' worth of your regular salary, but it is more appropriate for you to stay within your own specific budget. To help you get the most out of your budget, consider buying just below your desired carat, even a 0.2 difference can save you 20% off the price. If you want the stone to appear larger, a wise trick is to choose one with a larger surface area.


Take lifestyles into consideration

If you have to continuously remove the ring or it makes you uncomfortable, then you not only increase the chances of losing it, which would be a huge waste of money. How to pick wedding rings that are perfect for you needs to consider your life habits. It simply will become a part of your daily life and this might mean going with one that has less of the frills and thrills.


Think about the future

Is this ring the one you can picture yourself wearing 20 years from now? Is it something you will want to be seen wearing to all the PTA meetings, family, and social functions and job parties? You can be trendy when you make your decision, but make sure it will be one you will love years from now as well.


Final fittings

Your wedding ring will be on through every moment of your life, this includes exercising, summer humidity, winters, swimming and pregnancy, each of these instances your fingers can swell or contract. You want to make sure the size you get is one that will be able to adjust through all these moments. Your final fitting should be done at a time when you are relaxed and never in the mornings or after working out.



When your ring is just about done, you want to make sure you inspect it. The band should contain the manufacturer's trademark as well as the quality mark such as 24K or PLAT. If it consists of more than one metal, there should be a quality mark for each. These quality marks are proof that the band is of the standard you are expecting.


Making the purchase

How to pick wedding rings will ultimately result in the final purchase. When going in to purchase your ring, keep these tips in mind:

Get a certificate of authenticity as well as a warranty. Certificates are highly recommended for diamonds that exceed 1 carat which will let you know exactly where the diamond came from.

Get your rings insured! As this is most likely the most expensive piece of jewelry you will ever buy and that your fiancée will wear, you want to make sure your insurance covers it and if possible, get insurance from the jewelry store. Have the appraisal done prior to popping the question, so she does not have to give it up right after you give it to her.

Now all you need to do is to take a deep breath and get down on one knee!!


You can also watch the video below to know more details about choosing wedding rings from professional advice.