How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months


There are many reasons one may wish to plan a wedding in three months – one may have much eagerness to marry their loved one, or may have been engaged for a while and decided it’s time to start planning the ceremony. Whatever the reason, it is entirely possible to plan a beautiful wedding in twelve weeks. Whilst it may not be the most spectacular, dazzling affair reminiscent, it can still be absolutely perfect for you. Continue reading to know how you should plan in 3 months.

How to Plan a Wedding in 3 Months


Sort the Basics

First, decide the exact date for your ceremony, think about and set your total budget, and also decide on the location in which your wedding will be held, as well as what venue to hold it in. Remember not to worry if your first choice is unavailable, there will always be other options (just ensure to not set your heart entirely on one venue).


Think Outside the Vendor Box

When trying to plan a wedding in a short space of time, it is highly likely that many vendors will be booked and unavailable. That does not mean that your special day has to suffer, below are some creative alternatives to consider when planning your wedding:

  • Ask your favorite restaurant if they offer a catering service, and if they will cater your wedding.

  • If you decide to have your wedding at home or at a friend's house, ask each guest to bring a dish.

  • Buy wholesale beer, wine and possibly champagne, and hire a student bartender to serve the drinks for the night, as opposed to having an open bar.

  • Play music through your MP3 player with all your favorite songs, as opposed to hiring a band and/or DJ.

  • Call your local florists and ask if they can sort a simple but elegant arrangement with seasonal flowers. If you ask for something which is not out of the ordinary, they are more likely able to be of assistance.

  • Buy a normal cake from your local bakery and personalize it yourself, as opposed to customize a wedding cake.


Send Invitations

When learning how to plan a wedding in 3 months, it is best to send invitations as soon as you have a date set to give your potential guests enough time to make arrangements to attend the ceremony. If you have ample time, you can send paper invitations, if you are getting pressed for time, then it may be better to send instantaneous emails.


Seek Out an Officiant

There are many options when choosing the individual who will actually marry you, it can be a member of the clergy, an ordained friend, a judge, or a justice of the peace. Whomever you choose, start enquiring with suitable individuals to see who is available for your big day.


Buy Your Wedding Dress

It usually takes six months to order and receive a dress from a bridal salon, meaning that this will likely not be an option. You can, however, put together a gorgeous ensemble by visiting sample sales, trunk shows, or formal wear stores, if you are not supposed to having a non-traditional dress. You may also wish to search the internet for traditional wedding dresses in your size, although as with everything you buy on the internet, the quality might not be guaranteed.


Use Crafting

Get your friends together for a night of drinks and crafting. After all, the place cards and centerpieces aren't going to make themselves. When learning how to plan a wedding in 3 months, it is important to save time wherever you can, and doing this activity yourself and with friends and family can save you a lot of time.


Get Your Marriage License

Ensure that you get down to the local courthouse at least a week before your ceremony to pick up your marriage license. When planning a wedding in 3 months, this can easily be forgotten as you work to get everything together and ready for your big day, but this is a very important step and should be ensured.


Give Yourself Extra Planning Time

If you have holiday time at work, use it to devote those days to planning your wedding. You may also wish to unsubscribe from commitments that aren’t related to your wedding (if it is not too much trouble), such as social engagements or extra work projects that you agreed to do. I’m sure those concerned will be understanding of your situation.


You Are Not Alone

Remember than if you are learning how to plan a wedding in 3 months, there are a lot of tasks to consider, and trying to do everything yourself can cause much stress and may have a negative effect on the successfulness of your special day. Thus, don’t be afraid to ask your family members and friends to help you out, in most instances they will be more than happy to help. Married friends can be particularly useful in offering advice and recommendations of everything you need.


Now you have known how to plan your wedding in 3 months, refer to this Wedding Planning Checklist to get started.