How to Plan a Wedding Like a Pro – Your Fast Guide to a Flawless Big Day


He popped the question and you said ‘Yes!’. You’ve celebrated, jumped up and down and spread the news to all your family members and friends. But now it’s time to start planning the wedding of your dream! Sit down, take a pen and get ready to learn all the basics you need on how to plan a wedding.

How to Plan a Wedding Like a Pro – Your Fast Guide to a Flawless Big Day

Set the Date

One of the very first steps you need to take when planning a wedding, and, at the same time, one of the most difficult ones is setting a date for the big event. And once you do, you will definitely feel, simultaneously, relieved because you can cross one thing off your list and stressed out because now you’ve got an actual timeframe to work with… and there are tons of things to do!

Decide on the Type of the Event

Are you interested in a casual affair, or a large, glamorous wedding? Are you considering a destination wedding or willing to celebrate locally? Are you a fan of formal, black tie wedding celebrations or an effortless backyard celebration suits you best? These are just some of the things you need to answer when tackling the how to plan a wedding list.

Set the Budget

This one is a major step when organizing any type of event, especially your very own wedding day. But as time consuming and difficult as it may be, it needs to be done – and the sooner, the better! Decide together with your partner on how much you WANT and ARE ABLE to spend on your wedding – set realistic expectations considering your budget and do your best to stick with it.

Decide on the Style and/or Theme

No, you don’t have to pick between dusty pink or lilac wedding chair bows just yet, but you need to set the tone of your event. The easiest way to pick your favorite wedding style is to browse through a wide range of pictures and save the ones that suit your tastes best. You can use these images as inspiration when meeting with a decorator and it will definitely help you narrow down the styles until you find the most suitable aesthetic. Are you a fan of rustic weddings, or would rather have something on the elegant side? Are you big on bling and glam or you appreciate all things vintage and shabby? Or maybe you want to get brave and opt for a theme wedding that would allow you and your partner to express your personalities best?

Pick a Venue

Once you decided on the style of your wedding, the next taunting step on your 'how to plan a wedding’ list should be finding the right venue. There are two major aspects you need to consider when picking the right venue: your budget and your wedding’s style. There’s no harm if once you’ve seen a few venues you fall in love with a space that calls for a different style than the one you previously selected – unless you already purchased your dress and ordered the decorations, you can have a change of mind when it comes to the theme of your wedding.

Choose Your Wedding Party

Once you’ve got the style, budget, date and venue down, the next step is to discuss your wedding attendants and choose your wedding party. You are free to pick between 2 to 12 people to be a part of your wedding party and once they confirm that they want to be involved, you can start the real wedding preparations with their help.

Inquire Vendors

Once you’ve got your bridesmaids and he’s got his best men, it’s time to move on to the next thing on your list – the vendors! The first ones that you need to inquire are the photographer and the caterer, as these are usually booked long before the big event. Follow with visits to video providers, band or DJ, hair and make-up, florists and decorators in order to make sure you’re covering all areas ahead of time. The thing about wedding services providers is that the good ones get booked rather quickly, so if you find anyone you like, they come highly recommended and fit in your budget, then sign the deal in order to make sure you’ll get the best of the best.


The next step when it comes to how to plan a wedding like a pro is so much fun, as it entails what most girls love to do best: shopping! And the first thing to stat with is… your wedding dress! Bring your maid of honor, sister, mom and even bridesmaids if you wish on your first visit to the bridal gown salons and make sure you try on a diverse range of styles to see which one suits your figure best. Consider the type of your wedding when purchasing a dress as well: beachy and effortless for a casual summertime affair, or figure-hugging mermaid-types for an elegant affair.